A message to the Rolling Stones from Cuban Rocker

The following is a message to the Rolling Stones from Cuban Rocker, Gorky Aguila. Translation below.


Eh, listen to what I gotta say, my brother. We, when you go over there, I’m talking to you Mick Jagger, yes, you, look over here, over here, you and your band. When you go over there and when Obama goes over there. We probably will be stuck in a cell in the interior ministry. I don’t know if we’ll be able to play a gig in the cell, but most probably they’ll put each musician in his own cell and we won’t be able to hear each other, you see? I’m a musician that’s censored in Cuba. I’m a musician that doesn’t have the right you have to play where you want, understand?

So at least inform yourself. That’s all I ask. Yell whatever you like but inform yourself. And if you want to play because you want to play in a tyranny, do whatever floats your boat but this, hopefully this gets to you, what I’m talking about here. In Cuba musicians are censored. There are musicians that aren’t allowed to play, there are women that are beaten by the government. And I would love to tell it to the artists, my brother, inform yourselves first about what’s going on in Cuba and at least let out a “down with Castro” you know, a little one, my brother. C’mon Rolling Stones, go for it, my brother. Ah Keith Richards! Keith Richards, he’s crazier. Keith Richards, say something, my little brother, say something, go for it with 100,000 watts, “down with you know who!” Shit!