Hours before Obama’s arrival in Cuba, Castro regime violently arrests Ladies in White and over 50 dissidents

repression cuba obama 2016-03-20
Peaceful Cuban dissidents moments before being brutally beaten and arrested.

Banner Translation: “Obama, visiting Cuba is not ‘Fun.’ No more human rights violations.

Empowered by Obama’s new policy of embracing Cuba’s repressive dictatorship, the apartheid Castro regime unleashed a hellish Sunday of violent repression against the Ladies in White and other dissidents who attempted to carry out their Sunday peaceful protests. Just hours from Obama’s arrival in Cuba, the Ladies in White had been arrested and forced into a bus while more than fifty other dissidents suffered vicious and brutal beatings at the hands of Cuban State Security before being arrested.

Here is video of the Ladies in White being taken away by bus by Cuban police:

Here is the report on the brutal beatings and arrests of dissidents via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Peaceful protest by #TodosMarchamos met with violent repression by Cuban regime

Just hours before the arrival of U.S. president Barack Obama in Cuba, more than 50 human rights activists suffered extremely violent arrests this Sunday during the peaceful protest march of the #TodosMarchamos campaign.

In a phone call with DIARIO DE CUBA, opposition leader Antonio G. Rodiles said that the violence was “brutal, and there are people with fractured bones and bruises. They hit us with everything.” Screams could be heard in the background as he described the violence.

According to his report, the more than fifty activists were being transported via a prison bus to the legal processing center VIVAC in Havana. Some of them were vomiting due to the beatings they received.

EFE is also reporting that among those arrested was dissident graffiti artist El Sexto.

Furthermore, Cuban Patriotic Union (UNPACU) leader Jose Daniel Ferrer reported that 20 Ladies in White had been arrested in Havana while other activists were being placed under house arrest.

On Saturday Ferrer denounced the arrest of 209 activists from his organization in the Eastern part of the island.

Violent mobs organized by the regime have surrounded the peaceful activists with signs and messages of repudiation.

Photographs of the paramilitary brigades brandishing July 26 Movement flags have been disseminated over social media by the regime’s media sources with comments directed at the U.S. president: “Will Obama hear what the Cuban people are saying?”