Obama’s ideological holiday in Havana

We all know in the end that Obama’s sudden obsession with Cuba and his subsequent policy machinations have nothing to do with the Cuban people, justice, or respect for human rights. Instead, it is all a nostalgic embrace of an evil movement that he and so many others immorally admired in their youth. The American left has always felt a strong and disturbingly strong allure to Cuba’s murderous and brutally repressive apartheid dictatorship, which Obama himself is helpless to resist.

Charles Krauthammer in National Review:

Obama’s Ideological Holiday in Havana


The split-screen told the story: on one side, images of the terror bombing in Brussels; on the other, Barack Obama doing the wave with Raúl Castro at a baseball game in Havana.

On one side, the real world of rising global terrorism. On the other, the Obama fantasy world in which romancing a geopolitically insignificant Cuba — without an ounce of democracy or human rights yielded in return — is considered a seminal achievement of American diplomacy.

Cuba wasn’t so much a legacy trip as a vanity trip, vindicating the dorm-room enthusiasms of one’s student days when the Sandinistas were cool, revolution was king, and every other friend had a dog named Che.

When Brussels intervened, some argued that Obama should have cut short his trip and come back home. I disagree. You don’t let three suicide bombers control the itinerary of the American president. Moreover, Obama’s next stop, Argentina, is actually important and had just elected a friendly government that broke from its long and corrupt Peronist past.

Nonetheless, Obama could have done without the baseball. What kind of message does it send to be yukking it up with Raúl even as Belgian authorities are picking body parts off the floor of the Brussels airport?

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  1. Though Obama lacks Vil Clinton’s “natural” talent for pretending to feel other people’s pain, the real problem is that he can’t even be bothered to try–he doesn’t care, unless there’s clearly opportunistic gain to be had, and then he’ll turn it on but typically overdoes it, like a second-rate soap opera actor. Of course, it makes a BIG difference who the victims are and who victimized them–that’s why he was suitably serious and somber at that memorial in Argentina, because it was dedicated to victims of a RIGHT wing regime. In Cuba, as we know, he carried on as if everything were just fine, or close enough–just in need of some tweaking, but nothing radical. And his conduct while in company with Raul Castro was extremely telling–but then again, so was that of Don Francisco, both in Rome and in Havana. We all know perfectly well that neither man would ever behave that way in the company of a Pinochet–hell, the pope didn’t even behave that way with Argentina’s new president, Macri, and the guy just took office. You get the picture.

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