Cuban exile vents his anger on Tampa baseball players

“It’s a Cuba thing”

Here’s one way to take out your hot-headed Cuban disgust over the Normalization Circus and the Coronation Visit.

Attack the Tampa ball players who took part in the circus.

One can only guess what this  Cuban exile shouted at the baseball players in the dugout.

From the Tampa Bay Times:

Man upset with Cuba trip runs onto field, throws beer into Rays dugout

The Rays came face to face with political fallout from their trip to Cuba during Saturday’s game at Bradenton’s McKechnie Field when an fan ran onto the field and threw two beverage containers into their dugout.

The fan, who was of Cuban descent, was arrested and charged with trespassing, causing affray and assault (for throwing a can of beer), according to Bradenton police Lt. John Affolter. They did not release his name. Rays players said he threw two items, a beer and a soda.

“It was a Cuba thing,” Rays RHP Jake Odorizzi said. “I don’t speak Spanish too well. … I think it was a Cuban person, frustrated about the politics of it, I guess. He threw two beer cans. Nobody got hit. Nobody did anything. Maybe some guys got wet. It was a Cuba thing.”

The man, who appeared to be in his 60s, hopped a low wall at the far end of the dugout during the seventh inning, ran in front of the dugout, yelled in Spanish and threw the containers.

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2 thoughts on “Cuban exile vents his anger on Tampa baseball players”

  1. Some Cubans are still making the same mistake Cubans made during the Elián debacle. They still think that being in the right or having the truth on our side is enough. It isn’t. The deck is stacked against us, the game is rigged, and too many people resent us too much to care about our tragedy. We can’t shame people into admitting the truth because they’re invested in something else, and to them the truth is beside the point–it’s for chumps who can’t spin things to their advantage. There are huge swaths of people who simply don’t give a rat’s ass about the truth, not just about Cuba but about anything, and I’m not talking about cult members or fringe types, but about people who are ubiquitous and perfectly mainstream.

    I can sympathize with this poor guy in Tampa, but he wasted his time, and what he did is actually counterproductive. He apparently assumed the Tampa Rays people would even remotely give a shit, when even many prominent Cuban-American “leaders” don’t. It’s sad, and I’m not talking about just this incident.

  2. As I keep saying, our best bet is probably to accept (or expect) that, for practical purposes, the whole Cuba thing is essentially a joke to everybody except “those people.” We don’t have to like that, but it is what it is, and it’s not likely to change. That way, we can at least save ourselves constant disappointment, frustration and indignation. Yes, we’ve been screwed, big time, but there’s no need to keep descubriendo el agua tibia.

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