Is ““Negro, ¿tú eres sueco?” like calling Obama an “Oreo cookie”?

We know that calling an African American an “Oreo cookie” is rather insulting.  It means that a black man is black outside but white inside!

So what do you think of an article in the Cuban media calling Obama”   “Negro, ¿tú eres sueco?”?

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz, the editor of the wonderful Fausta’s Blog, was on my show Wednesday night and read from this article.

We understand that the article was removed from the website (“La tribuna de la Habana“).

Check Fausta’s blog for updates.

In the meantime, where is Black Lives Matter and the Black Congressional Caucus when we really need them?   The Cuban media attacks our first black president with “a slur” & the same government detains black dissidents.

1 thought on “Is ““Negro, ¿tú eres sueco?” like calling Obama an “Oreo cookie”?”

  1. No, they’re not calling him an Oreo. They don’t have that concept in Cuba, because they don’t have Oreo cookies there. They’re being disrespectful and dismissive by calling Obama “Negro” and using the familiar pronoun “Tú” instead of the formal “Usted,” but “¿tú eres sueco?” refers to the concept of “hacerse el sueco” which means to play or act dumb, as if you’re stupid or just don’t get it. The writer of this little gem, by the way, is black, but he’s a “good Negro” who was no doubt trying to score points with Massah Castro.

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