Meet Trump’s (likely) advisor on Cuba policy (one of the biggest boosters of Obama’s Cuba policy)

(Top left: Cuban-American real estate magnate Jorge Perez with bosom chum and business partner Donald Trump. Top right: Jorge Perez with President Obama in Havana last week–yes, the pic was taken in Havana where Perez was an honored guest of the Stalinist regime.)


Alas, I can’t find Perez in the Obama/Che Guevara pic or video–probably only because that was limited to U.S. Gov. diplomatic personnel.

When it comes to craving a business partnership with the Castro-Family-Crime Syndicate (euphemized by the media and State Dept. as: “lifting the Cuba embargo”) Cuban-American insurance magnate Carlos Saladrigas has nothing on Cuban-American real estate magnate Jorge Perez. Both of these billionaires eagerly accompanied Obama to Cuba last week.

Jorge Perez is also a bosom friend and a business partner of Donald Trump. To wit:

“He’s (Donald Trump) one of my best friends,” Jorge Perez said. “This is our fifth project and we put the deal together very rapidly. Donald Sr. and I speak several times a month and Trump Hollywood is the culmination of all our ventures. Hopefully we’ll do more once the economy picks back up.

“Trump’s sentiments were echoed by Perez who emphasized the close personal friendship between himself and Trump Sr.

“The deal to build Trump Hollywood between Jorge and my father evolved very quickly,” said Trump Jr. “They basically put it together on the back of a napkin. That doesn’t happen often and is an indication of the great relationship that Jorge (Perez)  and my father (Donald Trump) have. It’s a relationship based on quality, which is the most important thing and something I look to bring to the Trump brand as a second generation developer.”

You might have noticed that Trump’s statement’s on the terror-sponsoring regime that stole 7$ billion from American business men, murdered others, tortured American POWs in North Viet-Nam, helped fund and train virtually every terror group on earth and came closest to nuking the U.S.–you may have noticed that Donald “Blood n Guts!” Trump’s comments on these thieves and terrorists (spics to boot) have been curiously (for him) clipped and circumspect.


(Trump regarding Mexico, China, Japan, Europe, Ay-Rabs, etc…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


givepeacecoke commercial

(Trump regarding Cuba….interesting NO???)

Interestingly, Donald “Blood n Guts!” Trump, who’s gonna “roll over the dirty Mexicans! And the sneaky Chinks and Japs! And the terrorist Ay-Rabs!, etc”.–this same candidate suddenly–when asked about the Castros–suddenly morphed into John and Yoko, with a dash of the old Coke commercial….whimpering his concern  about Castro suing the U.S.?????

Hummmm? Almost sounds like maybe he’s been in touch with people who’ve looked into property issues in Cuba and learned of a potential counter-suit from the Castro-Family-Crime-Syndicate if Americans pressed their ($7 billion in) property claims against them?…Hummmmm?

Gosh? Wonder how a world-famous Hotel builder would be concerned about such matters regarding a place like Cuba?

Gosh? Wonder which of his business chums could possibly be privy to this sort of information?…..Hummmmm?

Can you imagine La GRITERIA (!)  if word got out on Calle Ocho that Trump was in bed with Carlos Saladrigas?!!!

Well, (regarding Cuba policy) getting in bed with Jorge Perez might be even worse.


“Absolutely devastating. An enlightening and shocking read you’ll never forget!” David Limbaugh on Fidel; Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant.)


“I read Fontova’s book in two sittings. i couldn’t put it down,” Mark Levin on Exposing the Real Che Guevara.



3 thoughts on “Meet Trump’s (likely) advisor on Cuba policy (one of the biggest boosters of Obama’s Cuba policy)”

  1. Joe Smith, I mean Jorge Pérez, is a Democrat who backed Hillary Clinton in 2008 and then backed Obama when he became the Dem nominee; he also “advised” Bill Clinton on Cuba during his presidency (and one can imagine the advice in question, such as, for instance, on the Elián matter). I cannot see him backing Trump if he becomes the Republican nominee against Clinton, and he would definitely not back Cruz against her. I suppose that, in the highly unlikely event that Sanders were the Dem Nominee and Trump the Republican one, and Pérez was confident Trump would win, then he might back Trump, at least discreetly. However, remember that, till recently, Trump was for all intents and purposes a Dem, and Chelsea Clinton and Trump’s daughter were apparently bosom buddies before this election cycle.

    Pérez wasn’t born in Cuba and only lived there very briefly as a boy; his childhood and formative years were spent in Argentina and Colombia. In other words, he’s even less Cuban than Saladrigas. He’s not just a politically active Democrat but also a member of the art world establishment, which is at least as leftist as the MSM. In the circles he moves, he cannot buck the liberal line without becoming an “apestado” socially. He has less wiggle room than the Estefans, who are much more closely associated with “those people,” starting with Gloria’s father who fought at the Bay of Pigs. I fully expect that he sees himself more as “Latino” than Cuban, with everything that implies, and the “Latinos” can have him..

  2. Interestingly, Pérez appears to have hair issues, and heaven knows Trump does. Sheesh. Can’t such very rich people get their shit together without looking ridiculous?

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