Hypocrisy update of the day: Castro regime seeks reparations for slave trade


Talk about chutzpah!  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

A very white representative of the very white Castro regime has announced that Cuba is joining other Caribbean nations in their bid to extort money from Europe as “reparations” for the colonial slave trade of past centuries.

So, an apartheid regime run by white elites that currently enslaves its own people and involves in international human trafficking and the exploitation of its own citizens’s labor abroad is now portraying itself as so opposed to slavery that it can back a claim for monetary compensation for the slave trade that ceased to exist a century and a half ago.

Wow.  Notice, please, that the Caribbean nations involved are only asking for reparations from the U.K., France, and the Netherlands.  Apparently, the Spanish and the Portuguese — who enslaved more Africans than those three other European nations — are exempt from the claims.

By sheer coincidence, Spain is not only heavily invested in the Castro tourist industry, but has also led the way in getting the European Union to lift all sanctions on the Castro regime.

Any way you look at it, the hypocrisy of this selective outrage is simply amazing.

CARICOM selective victimhood officials

Cuba Backs Caribbean Nations in Slavery Compensation Bid

Cuba pledged its support Friday to the Caribbean Community’s quest to receive an apology and compensation from European powers for the transatlantic slave trade.

The Caribbean Community or CARICOM, which has 15 states as members, wants reparations from the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands in an initiative it says is based on on diplomacy and engagement, without resorting to confrontation.

Ana Silvia Rodriguez

“We support the just demand for compensation hoisted by the Member States of the Caribbean Community,” said Ana Silvia Rodriguez, a Cuban ambassador to the United Nations.

“People from the third world still feeling the effects of the inhuman exploitation of people in their homelands and these peoples clearly deserve compensation for the horrendous crimes committed against their ancestors,” said the diplomat during address to CARICOM officials.

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7 thoughts on “Hypocrisy update of the day: Castro regime seeks reparations for slave trade”

  1. There’s also the little matter of how Fidel’s Spanish father exploited and abused Haitian migrant workers in eastern Cuba, but why dig up such old dirt? We all know that dirt digging is selective, like everything else.

  2. Uh, so are the African natives who initially sold other blacks to white slave traders being addressed in any way? No? Didn’t think so. They never are (for one thing, there’d be no money in it, and it’s not convenient).

  3. Gee, I wonder if these Caribbean nations will back Castro, Inc.’s demand for what amounts to reparations from the US on account of the “blockade.” Ya think?

  4. OK, I’ll bite. I want full compensation for all the loss (material and otherwise), suffering and anguish that my family underwent due to the “revolution.” What are the odds anyone other than fellow victims will so much as give me the time of day? You get the idea.

  5. Talk about pandering, but then again, pandering is one of the hallmarks of castro’s regime. He pandered to Africans in the 1970’s: at the time he drafted and disproportionately sent afro-cubans to fight in his mercenary wars in Africa and claimed that afro-cubans were volunteering in order to defend their African brethren. In exchange, he received the accolades of the sacred cow Nelson Mandela as well as the undying admiration of the Black Congressional Caucus.

    The regime, now, sees this as yet another opportunity and swoops down like a hawk. Little does it matter that Cuba has nothing in common with those country, for one thing, Cuba had a native aristocracy that imported slaves. The great Cuban families themselves maintained the slave trade and used slaves to work their massive sugar and coffee plantations [that is to say, Cuba like the Antebellum South was responsible for its own slave trade not Europe] which is very different than the Caribbean islands that had absentee landlords that lived in Europe and imported and maintained slaves. In their case, Europe was responsible for the exploitation of blacks, in Cuba’s case White Cubans were responsible not Europeans.

  6. Of course it’s all hypocritical and opportunistic showboating on the part of Castro, Inc., but if nobody calls them on it and they get PR points for doing it, they’re obviously going to do it. That’s their standard operating procedure and always has been, and the foreign audience they’re playing to just eats the shit up. Maybe it’s stupidity or maybe it’s willful blindness, but as long as it works, the regime will pull it. It’s the same thing, in principle, as its handling of homosexuals, even going as far as having the dictator’s daughter, for crying out loud, as the supposed reformer, and nobody questions it (nobody in the target audience, I mean). Basically, it’s all a huge crock, but it’s been accepted and enabled for over half a century, and one can hardly blame Castro, Inc. for taking advantage of it.

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