Cuban “refugee” benefits under fire

Many of the Cubans who have arrived in the U.S. since 1992 are not real “refugees”according to the definition of that term by the United Nations:

“A refugee is someone who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war, or violence. A refugee has a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group. Most likely, they cannot return home or are afraid to do so.”

Cuban “refugees” who travel to Cuba regularly loaded with gifts or send billions of dollars to Cuba constantly –knowing that their remittances are helping the regime they ostensibly fear —  obviously do not meet these criteria.

Yet, these phony “refugees” — call them yo-yo Cubans —  receive all sorts of benefits from the U.S. government (U.S. taxpayers).

Meditation of the day: how many meanings can you find in the yo-yo metaphor ?

The yo-yo gravy train may soon be derailed.  That derailment may turn out to be one of the top acts of the Normalization Circus, and one of the very few that make any sense.


From The Examiner:

Cubans exploit US taxpayers with Cold War era benefits

Last year more than 51,000 Cubans came to America. Sixty-eight percent flew to a Central American country or Mexico under the guise of tourism and made their way to the Mexican border at Laredo, Texas. Once in the border city, the Cubans walked across the international bridge, presented their passports and claimed to be refugees.

Under the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act or “wet foot dry foot” crossing into the US is easy and lucrative for the self-proclaimed refugees.

Some of those “lucrative” benefits include:

• Immediate eligibility for welfare
• Medicaid
• Food stamps
• Supplemental Security Income or SSI
• Cash assistance for impoverished seniors and disabled younger people
• Job training
• Language classes
• Subsidized child care

Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies described the program “As long as they can establish they are Cuban, they are released into the United States and immediately have access to refugee resettlement grants and welfare benefits. They get for starters $1,800 resettlement grant, they are allowed to get food stamps, temporary aid to needy families, they get job training, language classes, subsidized child care, health benefits.” (watch entire interview here)

“Refugees” head back to Cuba with gifts

All other “legal” immigrants are barred from collecting aid for their first five years. Plus, Cuban defectors who make it to the US can apply for a green card after one year. The generous Cuban benefits and perks are not sitting well with some lawmakers.

“We are seeing an influx of Cubans at the Texas-Mexico border who are immediately admitted to this country and have an extremely fast pathway to citizenship.” Congressman Blake Farenthol (R-TX) said in a statement. “With President Obama restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba, the immigration preferential treatment given to Cubans … no longer makes sense.”

Fellow Texas lawmaker Democrat Henry Cuellar (D-TX) pointed out the 1966 Act is outdated and needs to be changed. The Texans see thousands of illegal immigrants cross into their town. “You want to get to Mexico and then come through Laredo and that’s the port, for some reason Laredo has become the new port of entry for Cubans that used to come through (sic) the water,” Cuellar argued.

“The continued number of Cubans are coming to the United States where they get preferential treatment under that law…In my opinion it should be revisited and changed because why are we giving preference to Cubans with all do respect when we get Mexicans and Central Americans and anybody else we get them and we deport them.”

Read the whole article HERE

“refugee” money pipeline to Castro, Inc.

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  1. This kind of RELAJO, which is by no means unique to Cubans and applies to other segments of the US population, as it has for quite a long time, is simply inevitable as long as it is permitted and, by extension, encouraged, since there is obviously gain to be had by those who abuse the system. The same goes for all illegal immigration. Allowing and effectively rewarding abuse is the same as guaranteeing it.

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