Normalization update: Very odd Cuba-to-Florida swim in the works

Salvatore Cimmino: One-legged challenger

Forget about insensitive swimming legend Diana Nyad.

Her claim to fame in the annals of Cuban history has been eclipsed by the Normalization Circus, and her moral oafishness seems like child’s play now, in the shadow of Obama’s  escapades in Havana, especially that “wave” stunt of his with King Raul at the ball park.

And… to top it off…. Diana has a very serious one-legged competitor who plans to duplicate her Cuba-to-Key West swim.   Yes, a one-legged man.

Today it’s a one-legged man, tomorrow a double amputee, next month it will be a blind 89-year-old granny, then a transgendered quadriplegic and so on and on…

Aaaah.  What a magical island.  Truly magical.

Who needs magical realism, as long as Castrogonia continues to exist?

Has-been: Moral oaf Diana Nyad

From The Local It (Italian News in English):

One-legged Italian to swim Florida-Cuba in world first

Salvatore Cimmino is bidding to become the first person to complete a 166km uninterrupted swim From Florida to Cuba. As If that wasn’t impressive enough, he only has one leg.

Cimmino, 52, lost his right leg below the middle of the femur aged just 15, when medics were forced to amputate the appendage as it was riddled with an aggressive form of bone cancer.

In September, Cimmino, originally from Torre Annunziata, Campania, hopes to swim from Key West, on the southern tip of Florida to Havana, Cuba.

If all goes to plan the swim should take 60 hours, during which time he will brave strong currents, sharks and jellyfish in the Gulf of Mexico.

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1 thought on “Normalization update: Very odd Cuba-to-Florida swim in the works”

  1. Cuba’s a glorified joke, remember? It’s just there for the benefit, gratification or amusement of non-Cubans, since the natives are lower life forms. The only potentially useful part of this kind of grotesque nonsense is to highlight how the outside world sees Cuba and what it wants from it, and maybe, just maybe, the eyes of some Cubans will be opened and what dignity they possess will kick in and assert itself. A BIG reason so many foreigners have so little respect for us is that so many Cubans have so little respect for themselves.

    Oh, and I hope the Italian guy will be accompanied by gondolas with fat, oily oarsmen singing stuff like “O sole mio” and “Torna a Surriento.” I mean, might as well go all the way with this thing. After all, how hard could it be to make it more entertaining than some grim, leathery old lesbian trudging along and taking herself WAY too seriously? Let Salvatore knock himself out because, after what we’ve gotten from the pope and the POTUS, what difference does it make?

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