FIU and UNM planning visit to Cuba’s Potemkin Village to get a ‘revolutionary perspective on education’

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

FIU and UNM’s Potemkin village visit to Cuba to learn from the Castro regime’s educational system

Do participants in “A Revolutionary Perspective on Education” know what they are getting into?


Florida International University and The University of New Mexico are organizing a 9-day trip to Cuba in what they say is a “people to people program” that will “focus on educational practice and philosophy on the island.”

“The program kicks off on July 8, 2016 in Miami, Florida, with a one-day educational training session led by FIU Cuban Studies experts.” From July 9th until July 17th participants will be introduced to Cuba’s totalitarian regime complete with at least two propaganda sessions that portray the dictatorship in a positive light.

This is a Potemkin Village visit to a totalitarian communist dictatorship that has demonstrated its effectiveness in controlling the narrative with visiting groups. To begin to counter this one must read Paul Hollander’s Political Pilgrims: Western Intellectuals in Search of the Good Society that studies and catalogs the strategies and tactics that these regimes use, including the Castro regime in Cuba.

Some trip highlights that raises eyebrows is the visit to Revolutionary Square on July 9, 2016. This landmark was built during the Batista regime and called the Civic Square until the Castro regime renamed it the Revolutionary Square. The image of Che Guevara is found on the side of the Ministry of the Interior, which houses the Castro regime’s secret police.

On July 12, 2016 participants will attend a meeting with the “Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP).” According to counter intelligence expert Chris Simmons the “ICAP’s intelligence collaboration with the Directorate of Intelligence (DI) dates back over three decades. It is not a DI entity per se, but is believed to be roughly 90% DI-affiliated due to a large pool of collaborators who serve the small team of ICAP-embedded DI officers.” A past president of the ICAP was indicted for drug smuggling into the United States in 1982. Do participants understand that they may be profiled by Cuban intelligence officers? Will the orientation at Florida International University by Cuban Studies experts provide adequate preparation so that participants are not compromised?

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  1. This is, of course, typical FIU behavior, and obviously FAR worse than UNM doing it. It cannot surprise anyone at all familiar with FIU’s deeply disgusting track record on Cuba-related matters, but it can still disgust just the same. Alas, barring a drastic drop in FIU’s Cuban-American student enrollment, nothing is likely to change there. The rot set in long ago, and it will certainly not eradicate itself. As with other such situations, the Cuban-American community has largely proved painfully apathetic and inert, effectively playing the role of enabler. The matter is exceedingly distasteful, and I’m not primarily referring to FIU.

  2. You know, of course, where most if not all the clothes, socks and shoes on those kids in the photo came from, don’t you, or whose money procured them? That’s right, boys and girls, “those people,” and I don’t mean the ones on the island.

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