About that cruise ship that’s going to Cuba…

The bad public relations for Carnival’s Fathom Cruises keeps piling up. It turns out that the ship, the MV Adonia, that is scheduled to sail to Cuba was found to be deficient in meeting safety standards set by the U.S. Coast Guard and that it’s first voyage to the Dominican Republic under Fathom’s flag was canceled.

A groundbreaking moment for Carnival Corp.’s new social-impact cruise line, Fathom, came to a halt Monday when it was forced to cancel its soft launch.

The 710-passenger Adonia, which was scheduled to leave Sunday for its first seven-night cruise to the Dominican Republic, was delayed by a series of routine tests being performed by the U.S. Coast Guard. Adonia has been moved to Terminal C; the tests are still underway.

According to a Coast Guard spokesperson, “The vessel had run into some issues; the main issues were that the fire screen doors, approximately 30 of them on one of the decks, were inoperable. We’re working with the cruise ship to make sure that this is taken care of before they can get underway.”

Not the Adonia. Yet.
Not the Adonia. Yet.

One can’t help but to feel a little glee at Carnival’s misfortune. A little bit of karma for the cruise line which has agreed to enforce Cuba’s apartheid policies by denying Cuban born Americans from sailing to Cuba. It should be noted that this ship is not new. It was built in 2001 and it’s small by cruise standards. Honestly, I hope the vessel gets impregnated with norovirus.