Communist Party guarantees King Raul his crown and throne until 2021

Party on, dudes!

Raul Castro’s Clever Masterstroke

So, do you really believe that King Raul is going to relinquish his throne in 2018 and hand over all of his power to some successor?

The press of the free world certainly thinks so.  Good luck finding any article that calls this assumption into question.

Well…. as usual, King Raul always leaves out a very important footnote when he promises to abdicate in 2018.

That footnote made a brief but significant appearance at this week’s 7th Congress of the Communist Party.

At this Congress, King Raul insisted on ratifying the central significance of Article 5 of the Communist Party’s Constitution, which is Cuba’s de facto and de jure constitution.

Article 5 reads: “The Communist Party of Cuba, which follows the ideologies of Jose Marti and Marxism-Leninism, is the organized vanguard of the Cuban nation, the supreme directing authority of the State and society, and it shapes and directs all communal efforts toward the lofty goals of the establishment of socialism and of progress toward a communist society.”  (“El Partido Comunista de Cuba, martiano y marxista-leninista, vanguardia organizada de la nación cubana, es la fuerza dirigente superior de la sociedad y del Estado, que organiza y orienta los esfuerzos comunes hacia los altos fines de la construcción del socialismo y el avance hacia la sociedad comunista.”)

Quite a mouthful, yes.  And very carefully worded.  Notice please, the phrasing of this sentence, which spells out the essential role of the Cuban Communist Party: “la fuerza dirigente superior de la sociedad y del Estado” (the supreme directing authority of the State and society).

What does this mean?  As Orlando Freire Santana points out in Diario de Cuba,  Article 5 guarantees that the leader of the Communist Party is the ultimate authority in Cuba, above all other State officials, including the country’s president.

Currently, King Raul holds the three top posts in Cuba: he is the leader of the Communist Party, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, and President of Cuba.  In other words, he holds all power.

Since the Communist Party has just confirmed his post as its leader until 2021 –despite new age limits it imposed on subsequent leaders — Article 5 guarantees that Raul will be de jure and de facto “the supreme directing authority of the State and society.”

So, forget about all the smoke and mirrors surrounding the 2018 abdication date.

King Raul will keep his crown and throne until at least 2021.  As proven by his brothers Ramon and Fidel, these Castro boys don’t die until they are at least 90 or so.  And an uncle of theirs lived past 100.

Clever old monsters





2 thoughts on “Communist Party guarantees King Raul his crown and throne until 2021”

  1. Well, unfortunately, the MSM will continue to announce that raul is retiring in 2018 as if that were a great happening. By 2018 he will have [mis]governed Cuba for 59 election-free years, yet his [false] pending retirement is celebrated.

    So, don’t expect MSM to consider the extension of his rule as newsworthy. That would clash with the normalization [reform/perestroika] circus/smokescreen.

  2. Nobody’s being fooled, though the purveyors of bad faith are quite abundant, as always. By this late date, people who “don’t get it” are either disreputably limited or even more disreputably full of it.

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