Meanwhile, back in Brasilia: Dilma Rouseff plays sexism card


Update on the saga of Dizzy Dilma, soon-to-be-impeached president of the supermodel-rich Latrine colossus of Brazil.

Dilma Rouseff,  an ardent Castro lover, is defending herself by casting blame for all her legal and political woes on others.

First and foremost, she is accusing her vice-president Michel Temer of staging a coup through parliamentary chicanery because– as she sees it — he is unable to attract enough votes to become president through an election.

In addition, she is also playing the sexism card.

Brazil’s leading export

“There is an element of prejudice against women mixed in this impeachment,” she said yesterday at a press conference with foreign journalists.  “Some of these attacks against me would never take place against a male president,” she added.

Yeah.  Viva la Revolucion, Dilma.  Maybe Raul and his new kiss-ass lackey Meester Obama can help you out, or maybe some of your supermodels, including the one who broke up Mick Jagger’s marriage.

Want the whole story? Go HERE to ABC Spain  (warning: Cuida’o, hegemonic Castilian dialect needed).

Bésame, bésame mucho….

1 thought on “Meanwhile, back in Brasilia: Dilma Rouseff plays sexism card”

  1. Dilma’s a bitch, but she’s not as good at it as Cretina Kirchner, who’s absolutely a “natural” and can pull it off better, because nobody even remotely expects her to act any other way. Also, there’s no Evita precedent in Brazil, and, despite their pretensions, the Argentinians (at least the peronistas) are quite incorrigible; the proportion of redeemable Brazilians may well be higher. Thus, Dilma is up against tougher odds, and it’s conceivable she’ll actually be removed from office. Cretina almost certainly has blood on her hands, not to mention major corruption, but it’s much less likely she’ll ever face serious repercussions in Argentina. Even if she never returns to power, she’s amassed enough money to live like a queen the rest of her life.

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