Three Cuban criminals caught trying to flee from U.S.

Cream of the crop: Exemplary Revolutionary “migrants”

Here’s a story about three grandchildren of the Revolution.

Question: Why were these petty criminals trying to return to Cuba?

Answer: Because they know that the Normalization Circus has changed nothing in the Castro Kingdom, and that fugitives from U.S. justice will find a safe haven there.

Unfortunately, Cuban sleazebags of this sort are nothing new.  They exemplify the Revolutionary ethic doled out to Cuban children from an early age: “ser como el Che” (to be like Che).

Supreme role model

From The NY Daily News:

Cruise ship rescues 3 U.S. fugitives trying to flee to Cuba

A Disney cruise liner rescued three castaways during its Caribbean Sea trek last week only to learn their new passengers were fugitives fleeing the U.S. for Cuba.

A boat carrying Cuban nationals Luis Rivera-Garcia, 26, Juliet Estrada-Perez, 23, and Enrique Gonzalez-Torres, 23, back to the Communist country capsized last week, stranding the trio after authorities said the suspects skipped bond on federal indictment for credit card fraud.

The suspects were found clinging to a vessel battered by rough seas 40 miles north of Varadero and brought on board the Fantasy on Thursday morning, according to a video obtained by WSVN-TV.

The fugitives were handed over to a U.S. Coast Guard crew, who took their fingerprints and learned that the survivors were wanted in New Orleans in connection to a skimming scheme that pilfered cash from a Louisiana gas station.

Federal investigators believe the three suspects “may have been fleeing to Cuba to avoid prosecution” in the U.S.

The suspects were taken back to Key West, Fla., after their failed flight to freedom.

5 thoughts on “Three Cuban criminals caught trying to flee from U.S.”

  1. Oh, but brainwashing, I mean educating impressionable Cuban children to revere a murderous, hate-filled Argentinean SOB is perfectly OK, as long as the indoctrination, I mean education, is “free” and the SOB is fashionable and PC enough. Gracias, Fidel–how VERY like you to impose such a perverse obscenity on the Cuban people. Talk about degradation and disgrace. Lord have mercy.

  2. Look at the woman holding up the aptly grim and bloody-looking Che banner. She is presumably a teacher, in which case she is actively poisoning the minds of innocent children–and not just with perverse lies about Che, but about the whole damnable system. Of course, her job demands it–that’s a key element of her job description. And this is part and parcel of what a system like Castro, Inc. does: it deliberately makes people complicit with its evil, so that they are both corrupted and corrupting.

  3. These “migrants” put me in mind of something I read by Roberto Luque Escalona:

    “There’s a fact that many Cubans don’t want to face: our nation is dying out. Every day Cubans die, but none are born, because the ones born here are Americans, and the ones born there are Cubanoids.”

  4. These “migrants” put me in mind of something I read by Roberto Luque Escalona:

    “There’s a fact that many Cubans don’t want to face: our nation is dying out. Every day Cubans die, but none are born, because the ones born here are Americans, and the ones born there are Cubanoids.”

    Asombra, you are absolutely correct about how Cuba is dying out! The other day, I was watching old film footage of the Mariel Boatlift and I was astounded at the difference between the Marielitos and the crap that is coming out of Cuba today. Even though we thought that the marielitos were so different, they actually had a lot more in common with us than the current Cubans inside of Cuba. For the most part, the majority of marielitos were still of Spanish ancestry, and most importantly, they spoke Spanish. Cubans today speak an africanized Spanish that sounds like the Spanish the black slaves spoke in Cecila Valdes. In other words, its a Spanish where the last syllable of every word is systematically shopped off. While Cubans particularly those in the city always had a habit of doing that, it was never to the extent that we hear now and the diction was never so full of slang. Cubans today speak an ebonics that is slowly becoming a patois. If the castro ruling family is not violently removed in the next few years, I fear that Cuba that is evolving into a Haiti will make the complete transformation in the next 2 generations.

    Have you seen the video of the people having sex in the middle of one of the busiest streets in Havana? San Rafael. San Rafael which is near El Centro Gallego and the Capitol Building is not a side street, but one of the main streets of Havana. That’s like going to Brickell Avenue in Miami, Madison Avenue in NYC or the Champ de Elise in Paris and having public sex. In what city in the world do people have public sex in the [not slums, or allyways] but the best areas in broad daylight? Cuba is lost. Perhaps that is castro’s greatest revenge. Even if we one day recooperate Cuba, it will no longer be Cuba.

  5. The Castros were dysfunctional white trash with dubiously obtained money who were hardly normal Cubans. Fidel was an aberration, not to say a mutant, who was essentially alien and always saw Cubans as inferior life forms whose function was to serve his purposes, obviously for his benefit. Their benefit was irrelevant because they were like cattle to him, no better than animals, which is what they have become to a significant extent.. The lower they sank, the better he could control and manipulate them, and the more he could indulge his sense of superiority. It’s all connected and related. Such involution doesn’t just happen.

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