Media AGOG (!!!) over “Papa Hemingway in Cuba—First Hollywood Movie shot in Cuba since 1959–and True-Story!”

The mainstream media is absolutely AGOG(!!!) over this movie-making “milestone,” amigos!


(Media reacts to new movie about Hemingway in Cuba ) 

“That the movie was made at all during the economic embargo was a feat of diplomacy, financial and otherwise,” (Helen Verongos, the New York Times.

“Production values and on-location filming enhance the period flavor of “Papa: Hemingway in Cuba.” The scenes inside the Hemingways’ home were filmed at the real Finca La Vigia, which has been restored as a museum.” (Joe Leydon, Variety.)

“Getting it (the movie) made against the backdrop of the U.S. embargo against Cuba required years of dedicated effort by director Bob Yari.” (Eliza Berman, Time.)

For the benefit of the agog let’s flesh out this column’s title a bit and see if  just maybe they can wrap their heads around this earth-shaking “milestone.” To wit:

A KGB-founded and mentored totalitarian regime whose founder boasted, “propaganda is the vital heart of our struggle,” who the CIA pegs with “creating the most effective propaganda empire in the Western Hemisphere,”  whose KGB- mentored  secret police meticulously vet every single visa applicant—especially journalists, academics and filmmakers –this very regime SOMEHOW permitted  a Hollywood production crew on its sovereign soil!


Furthermore, this Stalinist regime’s military and secret police own the nation’s tourism facilities almost lock, stock and barrel. Ernest Hemingway’s haunts –from El Floridita bar to the Ernest Hemingway Marina to his former home Finca Vigia itself–rank among the Stalinist nation’s top tourist attractions.


…….And OH! ….Almost forgot: Recently declassified Soviet documents document how the subject of the film also served as an eager (but bumbling) KGB agent.

OK, ready media movie critic geniuses?!….Good. Now put on your thinking caps. Start gulping your favorite cognition–enhancing organic green tea! Twist yourselves into your favorite cognition-enhancing lotus position….ready?


You have three hours to formulate your answer to this question: “given the above can you perhaps guess why Cuba’s Stalinist authorities JUST MIGHT have rolled out the red carpet for these movie producers?…and why the Stalinist regime’s media is promoting it?


….Didn’t  think so.

This “TRUE STORY!” by the way has the March 1957 attack on Cuba’s Palacio Nacional to try and assassinate Batista carried out by Castro’s July 26 movement (instead of by the Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil, which was in fact a RIVAL to Castro’s terrorist group.)

This “TRUE STORY!” also has “J. Edgar Hoover  investigating Hemingway–not because Hemingway was a full-flegded KGB agent, which of course is never mentioned in the movie–but because Hemingway had the goods on Hoover as a secret transgender dresser and flaming sodomite!

Fortunately, almost unanimously the critics are slamming the movie–not because of its historical imbecilities, of which the critics are utterly oblivious–but as as work of art. So hey! Let’s cross our fingers…just maybe this movie won’t replace Godfather II as America’s top educational source on pre-Castro Cuba!



“Humberto Fontova is a gifted polemicist who pulls no punches. A great service for liberty, justice and truth.” (The Weekly Standard  on Fidel; Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant.)