Happy May Day in Hell: Many violent arrests in Cuba

Ladies in White headquarters besieged

No surprise here.

Another Sunday, another wave of repression in the Castro Kingdom.

Marti Noticias reports the following (my translation):

Throughout the island, dissidents who dared to express discontent with the Castro regime were beaten and arrested.

In Havana, according to dissident Antonio Rodiles, State Security agents deployed more agents than usual to ensure that most of the streets leading to Ghandi Park in Miramar were blocked.

Police outside dissident’s house in Havana

“The Castro regime intends to wipe out the opposition in any way possible.  This has been their objective since Obama’s visit to the island.”  You can listen to his report HERE.

In Havana, at the Lawton headquarters of the Ladies in White, 27 Ladies and 4 other dissidents were violently arrested as soon as they stepped out, on the way to Mass at St. Rita church.

Eyewitnesses María Milán and Ariel González, report that those arrested were brutally beaten and dragged into a bus.

In another Havana neighborhood, Lady in White Lucinda González, was also intercepted by police as soon as she left her house.  As she was being dragged away into a police car, she began shouting and also scattered onto the street  some leaflets containing the text of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and some anti-government statements

In a very rare display of defiance, neighbors came to her aid and prevented the police from arresting her. But, as she spoke by phone with Radio Marti, she said her house was completely surrounded by uniformed and plain-clothes police who were threatening to knock down her door and arrest her.  You can listen to her chilling account HERE.

In Santiago de Cuba, Guantánamo, Las Tunas, Isle of Pines, and Havana, over 200 members of the Unión Patriótica de Cuba (UNPACU) were arrested,  according to its coordinator José Daniel Ferrer.

Diario de Cuba reports that several Ladies in White were also arrested in Matanzas. (Read that report HERE)

police outside home of independent journalist Lázaro Yuri Valle