Castro’s apartheid Cuba is so cool that American celebrities don’t have time to notice the human rights atrocities

Our very own Humberto Fontova in The Miami Herald:

Cuba is so cool!


Thanks largely to President Obama’s recent engagement, Stalinist Cuba has quickly become the absolute coolest place on Earth.

Close on the heels of Katy Perry, the Rolling Stones and the Obama family itself, Karl Lagerfeld last week showcased his Chanel “cruise line” with a fashion-show extravaganza where Havana’s Prado Street served as the catwalk/runway for the world’s lithest models, while Gisele Bundchen, Tilda Swinton and Vin Diesel, with the paparazzi on the sidelines.

Not to be outdone, the Kardashians arrived in Havana to shoot an episode of their reality show.

Attaining such status for coolness among the world’s coolest people is not easy. Such coolness does not just land haphazardly in the lap of any random society. It must be worked on. So let us briefly peruse the societal and political characteristics that the cool and beautiful people — all liberals, needless to add —make a big media show of denouncing.

One area where cool people display great sensitivity is on the issue of gay rights. This holds especially for fashion and Hollywood luminaries — many of the very types now sashaying through Havana. And as we’ve recently learned in the cases of Indiana and North Carolina, in the view of cool people, the very definition of gay rights can be pretty broad.

So you do not want the distinction of being the only regime in the history of the Western hemisphere to have herded tens of thousands of men and boys into forced labor camps at Soviet bayonet point for the crime of being gay, genuine or suspected. You especially do not want the International Court of Justice in The Hague to have this on file: “Castro’s Cuba is responsible for the persecution, imprisonment in forced labor concentration camps, torture, banishment, and death of thousands of gays, transvestites and lesbians.”

Whoops! Sorry! Seems I just described Castro’s Cuba, the world’s coolest place.

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3 thoughts on “Castro’s apartheid Cuba is so cool that American celebrities don’t have time to notice the human rights atrocities”

  1. It’s just the same old shit, albeit ramped up significantly, but the underlying principles (it’s a figure of speech) remain the same:

    Castro, Inc. does not qualify as a “bad” dictatorship, assuming it qualifies as a dictatorship at all. It has many redeeming compensatory qualities, at least in theory, not to mention radical chic, cigars and old classic cars. It is anti-American, which alone can make up for a multitude of sins. It kept Cuba from becoming (the horror!) something like a Caribbean Japan. It has affirmed the fitness of the Latrine way for all “Latin” peoples. It serves as ideological fantasy material as well as a playground for superior life forms. It can be endlessly patronized and condescended to under the guise of, uh, engagement (or whatever spin sounds suitably decent). It’s had the support of the New York Times since its gestational period. And, as a special bonus, it keeps “those people” perennially frustrated, which is the least the insufferably uppity creatures deserve. There’s more, but that will do for starters, so get used to this shit because it will NEVER end, not unless Cubans themselves end it.

  2. So does Kanye really want to look like KK’s handyman (no pun intended), or is he just deluded? Sheesh.

  3. And who knew an Armenian could have such a big ass? I though that was a Puerto Rican thing.

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