3 thoughts on “Cuba’s Communist Party presents: Chenel”

  1. Oh, oh. Last time people pulled something like this, even though they were pro-Mariela Spanish gays, she did not take it well. She issued an irate official statement condemning the whole business, because, you know, one does not show such disrespect to St. Ernesto of the T-shirts, who was of course mucho macho, at least officially, and he despised “maricones.” Still, come to think of it, Che could have made a pretty good drag queen–probably as good as Dr. Frank-n-furter, except for having no sense of irony/humor.

  2. Oh, and Aleida Guevara says she is TOTALLY outraged and will get on this ASAP, just as soon as she finishes stuffing her face–which could take a while.

  3. And always remember Che’s immortal cry: “Hasta la Victoria’s Secret!” So strike a pose. Vogue. Or whatever. But please, do NOT use boot black to get eyebrows like those of Tony, Jr. Only someone like Groucho Marx could pull that off.

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