Priceless in Cuba

che cuba mastercard

By Enrique del Risco (translation by Lourdes Cosio):


    • Eight thousand executions
    • Tens of thousands of prisoners
    • Tens of thousands drowned in the Florida Straits
    • More than two million emigrants
    • Millions of families torn apart, destroyed
    • 80% of the country living for decades below the extreme poverty level
    • Billions of hours spent in marches, volunteer work, international missions, African adventures, construction of tunnels and trenches and some of the ugliest buildings in the world
    • Millions of dollars in credits, loans, gifts, shipments of fuel
    • An excessive and incessant display of every kind of human vileness, betrayal, deceit, self-deception, and humiliation

All to freeze an island in time so that tourists from around the world can take a picture in a convertible.

There are things in life that are priceless. For everything else, there is MasterCard.

Read more of Enrique’s thoughts HERE.

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  1. Don’t hate Kim and her posse because they’re worthless; hate the culture and mentality that has put them where they are–and that’s even apart from the Cuba issue.

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