A brutal Mothers Day in Cuba as U.S.-backed regime violently arrests women activists

It was another Sunday of brutal repression in Cuba yesterday as members of the dissident group the Ladies in White were violently arrested by the State Security forces of the U.S.-backed apartheid Castro regime. The weekend violence has become routine on the island, especially since President Obama announced a new U.S. policy of embracing and supporting Cuba’s murderously repressive apartheid dictatorship. With effectively no government left in the world to call out their human rights atrocities and no consequences left to pay, the Castro regime has doubled down on their repressive ways. ¡Gracias, Obama!

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Massive security operation over the weekend leaves female opposition activists unable to celebrate Mothers Day


State Security forces arrested Ladies in White and other activists this Sunday as they attempted to attend their usual Sunday mass at the Santa Rita church and march down 3rd Avenue.

As former political prisoner Angel Moya had warned on Twitter, State Security agents carried out the arrests after a massive operation over the weekend in the capital that included surveillance on the Ladies in White headquarters in Lawton and threats against attempting any gatherings.

After various failed attempts to reach Antonio G. Rodiles, one of the coordinators of the Forum for Rights and Liberty, activist Ailer Maria Gonzalez, as well as several Ladies in White (their phones remained turned off), DIARIO DE CUBA was only able to contact Maylen Gonzalez Gonzalez, who did not attend the convocation because of a serious injury.

“No one is answering the phone at the headquarters, I have tried to reach two or three Ladies in White directly but did not get through. It appears they have all been arrested,” said the Lady in White.

“Everyone headed to the meeting as we do every Sunday, but obviously State Security agents did not allow them. Since I have my foot in a cast, I did not attend, but we go out every Sunday, be it Mothers Day or any other day.”

“What we were not going to do was #TodosMarchamos, which is a march down 3rd Avenue we do when we are on our way back home,” she said.

The Lady in White explained that the police uses this moment to intercept and arrest them. So as not to spend such a special day as Mothers Day in a jail cell, they decided to not do that march.

“We all want to spend the day with our families, but it appears they did not see it that way and went ahead and arrested all of them,” she lamented.

Read the entire report (in Spanish) HERE.