The misery and oppression of apartheid Cuba the hot new destination for wealthy American celebrities

Not only is it cruel and heartless for the rich and famous to be partying in the midst of the misery and oppression of apartheid Cuba, it is downright offensive.

JP Carroll in The Libertarian Republic:

Oppressed, Communist Cuba The Hot New Destination For Wealthy US Celebrities


Tom Brady’s supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen brought her good looks to a Chanel fashion show Tuesday in poor, communist Cuba.

The supermodel is the face of Chanel’s signature product, Chanel N. 5 Perfume.

Bundchen is the wealthiest and highest paid models in the world, making approximately $128,000 a day. The cheapest bottle of the perfume the supermodel touts costs $76, and a typical Cuban only earns $25 a month, according to BBC News. On its website, Chanel sells a limited edition version of the perfume for $2,100.

Chanel’s fashion show is the first of its kind in the communist dictatorship in over 50 years. The runway for the fashion show was the old streets of Havana, but “Havana residents could only watch from behind the security cordon lines as VIP guests arrived at the show in specially rented antique American sedans.”

It is unclear if the Cuban government provided any funding for the show. It’s also unclear if Bundchen was compensated for being in Cuba separately from her contract as a spokeswoman. Chanel did not reply to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

Other famous faces included actress Tilda Swinton and actor Vin Diesel. Diesel is working on “Fast and the Furious 8? in the country.

Cuba has lived in the darkness of Communism since 1959 when revolutionary leader Fidel Castro came to power. Castro’s brother, Raul Castro, is now the president of Cuba.

The Cuban government has long been known for the violent way it handles dissent. American United States Agency for International Development contractor Alan Gross was accused of spying and spent almost five years in a Cuban prison from 2009 to 2014.

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  1. 128K a day? If I had that kind of money to pay a model, she’d have to be beyond stunning, and Bundchen isn’t. She looks good, obviously, but she’s not worth that much–not in my money, anyway.

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