Flood of Cuban “refugees” pours into Texas

Cuban “refugees” in El Paso

As the clock continues to tick on the special  immigration status of Cubans, more and more of them are fleeing the island.

It won’t be long before the Normalization Circus opens a new act:  turning Cubans from refugees to mere “migrants.”

Texas is receiving a flood of Cuban refugees from Panama, via Mexico.   Panama has shut its doors to Cubans and is flying the thousands they have already taken in to Mexico, so they can cross the border into the U.S. and claim refugee status.

Not much attention is being paid to this story, largely because it complicates the rosy “normalization” narrative that American journalists have come to love so much.

Whether these Cubans understand the meaning of the term “refugee” is irrelevant.  U.S. immigration law considers them refugees.

One of those interviewed for the story below claims he is fleeing “political corruption” rather than repression.  By his definition, then –given the extent of corruption globally — everyone in the world can become a “refugee.”

This same man will most probably begin his yo-yo trips to Cuba –back and forth, back and forth — loaded with the sorts of goodies that fuel the political “corruption” he claims to have fled.

To underscore the difference between “corruption” and “repression” some photos of victims of Castronoid violence are included below.


Mario José Delgado: Victim of Cuba’s “political corruption”

From KEPRtv.com:

Thousands of Cuban refugees expected to arrive in El Paso

The Houchen Center is getting ready to receive as many as 3,000 Cuban refugees, according to the center’s director Veronica Roman.

Roman got the call Saturday and picked up 50 refugees from an El Paso port of entry Tuesday after they had traveled for two days.

The refugees are expected to stay at the Houchen Center for the next couple of days as the center helps them get to their family members living in the U.S. or help find a place for them to go.

Some of the immigrants traveled from Cuba to South America and then to Mexico before arriving in El Paso.

A number of them were hungry. Roman said the center could receive hundreds more later in the week, including women and children.

She adds that this is the biggest group the center has ever had. She says they need the bare essentials to house them. “My volunteers are going on two hours of sleep. The community can help by donating food, clothes, blankets, diapers and baby food,” said Roman.

There’s no word yet on when the next group will be here

According to Roman, U.S. Customs and Border Protection determines whether immigrants can cross the border.

CBP says they’ve seen a large influx of Cuban immigrants along this part of the border.

They also said anyone who applies to enter the U.S. at the ports of entry from Juarez are processed.

One immigrant told KFOX14 a lot of Cubans are fleeing from political corruption in Cuba.

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Oswaldo Paya & Harold Cepero: victims of “political corruption”

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  1. Many if not most “refugees” want it both ways, and will obviously take it both ways as long as they can get it. They want the benefits of refugee status, however spurious, and they don’t want to do or say anything that might interfere with or complicate yo-yo trips or get them classified as “those people.” I don’t blame them any more than I blame those who abuse food stamps, welfare and so forth. As long as the government allows it and effectively enables it, it is absolutely guaranteed to happen.

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