54th Sunday of repression in Cuba as U.S.-backed apartheid regime arrests 20 dissidents

todosmarchamos sunday 54
Cuban State Security siege of Ladies in White headquarters in Havana’s Lawton neighborhood.

Dissidents participating in the #TodosMarchamos (we all march) campaign in Cuba gather together on Sundays to peacefully march in protest of the apartheid Castro dictatorship and to demand the release of political prisoners. Yesterday was the 54th Sunday the dissidents marched and it was the 54th Sunday the apartheid Castro regime responded with violence and arrests. By the end of the day, some 20 dissidents, including members of the Ladies in White, had been rounded up and violently arrested by agents of Cuba’s State Security apparatus.

It should be noted that this campaign has largely taken place during the era of Obama’s policy of appeasement and surrender to the Cuban dictatorship. According to the president and supporters of his policy, his embrace and support of the apartheid regime was supposed to make the Castro dictatorship a kinder and gentler dictatorship and usher in an new era of freedom for the Cuban people. However, as yesterday’s march and the 53 that preceded it clearly illustrate, the repression human rights atrocities of the Castro dictatorship have instead become bolder and more violent since Obama’s policy came into play.

Read the report and see video (in Spanish) of yesterday’s violence in Martí Noticias.