Castro regime declares war on U.S., Europe, no one seems to notice


Granma, the official newspaper of Cuba’s Communist Party — and virtually the only newspaper on the island — has just published a bombastic, incendiary essay that is attracting very little attention.

The essay, authored by a professional propagandist named Rafael Cruz Ramos, argues in no uncertain terms that Castroism is in an eternal state of war against capitalism.   Because this war is eternal, says Cruz Ramos, there can be no dialogue at all with anyone who disagrees with Castroism, and no reconciliation.

(Ironically, if one does a Google search for photos of the author of this article, all one can find are photos of Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael).

This is as sharp and clear a denial of “normalization” as anyone could ever proclaim.  Consequently, it is the strongest possible rebuke of Obama’s Cuba policy, voiced by those who have been given innumerable unilateral concessions by the current occupant of the White House.

Eternal war

Good luck finding an editorial on this Granma essay in any major American, Canadian, or European newspaper.

Ah… but you can find a brilliant assessment of it below.  It’s a response to the essay by exiled Cuban dissident Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo.

Rather than offer you a link to the Granma essay, we offer you this perceptive take on it by Orlando Luis. (Somewhat loosely translated)

Rules for a debacle, or a case of despotism
Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

Castro’s Cuba always promises more space for participation to each new generation of artists, activists, writers and journalists,. Now, with the increased relations between the Castro regime and the US and Europe – and its search for financial loans, investments, and an image of legitimacy for the oldest dictatorship in the world – the regime has promised the Cuban people a democratization of the debate, so that every citizen finally you can participate in the destiny of our nation.

These massive debates, coordinated by the “grassroots”, have been virtually mandatory, and almost always occur before or after the congresses of the only legal party in Cuba. And that’s how it will be in 2016.

Very soon after the April meeting of the 7th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba , the Granma newspaper, official organ of the party – all the Cuban press that is not run by the state is illegall – has announced the “rules for discussion or matter of principle” in an article by Rafael Cruz Ramos

More than an editorial, this is a kind of despotic edict, which the international press has echoed, but the average Cuban doesn’t pay much attention to, because we know in advance what it is: another horrific totalitarian ruse, a tongue-twister to buy time, and guarantee in 2018 a dynastic succession to the second and third generation of the Castro clan.

The text speaks for itself. It proclaims “a war for power” that pits the principles “of socialism against capitalism”.

The unquestionable character of the single-party system in Cuba, with all the burden of intellectual censorship and civic exclusion it entails, must be imposed on the island by force in perpetuity. And the same applies to exiled Cubans, who continue to be the victims of an atrocious migratory apartheid, unable to reside permanently in their homeland, or exercise their basic rights there.

Moreover, the cynicism of the journalist hired by Granma contains two jewels. The Communist elite defines two “rules for discussion” that are incontestable.

The first rule for discussion: As General Raul Castro said during the congress of the Cuban Communist Party, no one is allowed to question “the irrevocable nature of the political and social system endorsed in the current Constitution, which includes the leading role of the Communist Party of Cuba in our society”.

Cruz Ramos dictates that anyone who is wondering “Why not capitalism?” is either “innocent or cunning”. Nothing and nobody can “destroy the socialist system under construction, and replace it with the archaic and outworn capitalist system.” What Ramos Cruz fails to consider is that the Cuban people might prefer to deconstruct the outworn decaying socialist system and create an efficient free market model that guarantees their fundamental freedoms.

The second rule for discussion: There can be no dialogue “with anyone who is funded, backed, supported by the terrorist anti – Cuban money from Miami or any other nation, including Old Europe” because that would be “the same as killing Che every morning, blowing up the shipLa Coubre, killing teachers and literacy activists, and bringing down the plane in Barbados. [All of these “crimes” attributed to anti-Castro Cubans]. It does not matter that we are accused of intolerance, or of being entrenched in the past, or any such compliment. There is too much spilled blood, too many tears, too much pain, to forget. ”

In other words, the past is the future. And today is still not yet, by the Castros and for the Castros until the end of eternity. Goodbye to any attempt at reconciliation.

With a touch of apocalypse -apocubalipsis-, Cruz Ramos describes the debacle of his violent vision: “old people without social protection, indebted students, unemployed teachers, newborns dying like flies, social benefits wiped out, riot police training in torture, political parties taking turns in power to carry out more of the same, youth gangs killing each other, senators enjoying accounts in tax havens, drug traffickers being paid out of the state budget, society ladies, society, commercial propaganda, dances in high schools. ”

In short, democracy Cuba has no choice but to become another piece of Latin American carrion: nothing but broken idols and rotting indians. If we Cubans become free, then we will lose the revolutionary aura that makes us an exceptional, unique race, uncontaminated by world history or, much less, by continental American history: Facism made in Fidel. If Cubans were free, Cruz Ramos’s monologue would be unthinkable and Granma would publish letters to the editor that criticized him.

But that’s too much to ask. A people who have been made 100% literate by the State should not wait for that State to allow them the luxury of reading freely.

Eternal! Eternal, I tell you! Don’t forget. Eternal!

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  1. “Cuba has no choice but to become another piece of Latin American carrion: nothing but broken idols and rotting Indians.” Yes, but that’s OK, as long as there’s “free” (and crappy) health care and “free” (heavily politicized) education (basically glorified indoctrination). Such a deal, no? Besides, only “those people” would be sufficiently uppity to ask for more. We’re not talking Canadians here, you know.

  2. Quick, who does Nosferatu look like in that photo? Why, it’s late Vil Clinton, of course–both aging hucksters without a shred of shame.

  3. Anything that’s, uh, inconvenient will simply be ignored, downplayed or spun away as inconsequential. It’s a very old ploy. The problem is WE still respond to something like this as if it were at all surprising that the usual suspects would fail to notice or care. The fact they SHOULD care is moot; they simply don’t give a shit, and since they can get away with that, they just carry on as always. Remember, the best explanation for pretty much everything involving Cuba and the outside world is that the latter, for all practical purposes, sees and treats Cuba as a glorified joke or game, meaning “it’s all good” and there’s no need to sweat it. Not caring makes everything SO much easier.

  4. And the biggest joke of all is that parenthetical inclusion that if you google this all you get are pictures of Cruz’s father. This will undoubtedly be used should Cruz ever run again as why is Cruz’s father working hand in hand with Castro if he is supposed to be so anti communist? Then the big lie will be repeated and that will finish off Cruz’s chances.
    And so it goes….

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