“Oye Clinton”: Every Mexican flag means 1 million new votes for Trump!


Once again, we see people carrying Mexican flags at anti-Trump rallies.   It happened in New Mexico.

As my Babalu friends know, I did not support Mr Trump.    I’m still wrestling with the awful choice of Trump and the Clinton he recently said would make a great president.

Nevertheless, the Mexican flags are back and someone in the Clinton camp should take note urgently.

Who do these people think they are? They are entitled to opposing Trump but do they understand how divisive these images are?

Furthermore, what does the Mexican flag mean anyway?  Do these young people know about Mexico’s immigration laws?    

Memo to Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Univision and Vicente Fox: Tell your supporters to keep the flags home.     

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1 thought on ““Oye Clinton”: Every Mexican flag means 1 million new votes for Trump!”

  1. The hypocrisy, opportunism and bad faith of these people is truly astounding, even though that’s a very old story. It pretty much fits the old phrase, “pedir limosna con escopeta.” And to think our supposed “representative” and “community leader” Emilio Estefan actually, uh, relieved himself of the concept that “We are all Mexicans.” Every time I think about that, I throw up a little bit in my mouth. Talk about gratuitous and abject indignity.

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