Castro-style Acts of Repudiation come to the U.S.

It’s a predictable pattern: Trump comes to town and street violence ensues.

Angry placard-wielding mobs shout obscenities, people are injured, property is destroyed, and Trump gets the lion’s share of the blame.

Most of the violent “demonstrators” tend to be so-called minorities or “people of colour” — the preferred politically-correct term.

Yesterday, it was San Jose’s turn to host Trump and the anti-Trump mobs.  This time around the thugs were mostly Mexican.  And the mayor of San Jose blamed Trump for the violence.

Play the video above to get a brief glimpse of the mob’s leftist/fascist thuggery.  Click the link below to see more footage of lefto-fascists in action.

Yesterday, an editor at Vox tweeted this message: “Advice: If Trump comes to your town, start a riot.”  This neofascist — a privilieged white male named Emmet Rensin — defended the use of all kinds of violence against Trump and his supporters, except for murder.

Neofascist Remsen
Neofascist blue-eyed Rensin

How nice of him.  All violence is acceptable, save for muder.  Well…. thank God for this white man’s kindness.

This is a new phenomenon in American politics, but it is very familiar to anyone who hails from the Castro Kingdom.

Orchestrated “protests” of this sort have a name in Castrogonia: acts of repudiation (actos de repudio).

So, despite the novelty of such “protesting” in the U.S., the phenomenon itself has a long history, and has been successfully employed elsewhere, including Germany in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Call them anything except “protesters”: the only thing these violent mobs are protesting against is free speech and democracy.

It’s quite obvious that someone has carefully designed this strategy, and that their sources of inspiration can be traced to Castrogonia, at least in part.  They can also be traced to the emerging Third Reich.

I don’t like Trump.  In fact, I fear Trump.  He has some personality traits that remind me too much of academics with swelled heads. But mob violence is not the way to stop him from becoming president of the United States.  Mob violence of this sort is bound to backfire and will only help him get to the White House.

Count on it.

Once this genie is out of the bottle, watch out… nothing good can happen.

historic Castronoid act of repudiation

From Hot Air:

Anti-free speech thugs physically assaulted American citizens engaged in a peaceful, political assembly Thursday night outside a Donald Trump for President rally in San Jose. And the Hillary-supporting Democrat who serves as mayor of that city blamed Mr. Trump for the violence in his streets.

Of course, most of the stories written about last night’s violence won’t start off with a lead sentence like that, but it’s the absolute truth. And one wonders how long these brown-shirt tactics can continue before a leading voice from the Democratic Party will feel compelled to denounce the mob made up of their supporters.

More on the corrupt, lying mayor in a moment. First, take a look at how ugly it got in San Jose last night.

“Make California Mexico Again!” they chanted while waving Mexican flags…

The Mexican triumphalism was on full display with the anti-American mob:


Continue reading and see more video footage HERE.