Cuba is still BYOTP (Bring Your Own Toilet Paper)

Dear Cuban zoo spectators (tourists), enjoy this perk while visiting the latest designated seven wonder cities of the world. Be thankful you won’t have to stand in lines, or live and suffer as everyday Cuban people do.

Via The Real Cuba:

Flights To Cuba Now Departing (Bring Your Own Toilet Paper)



Cuba Is Still BYOTP

Marketplace Radio takes a look at the challenge of filming movies and television shows in Cuba, focusing specifically on Showtime’s “House of Lies” starring Don Cheadle. The episode is titled “No es facil” – “It’s not easy.” The title appears to be a description of doing business in Cuba, and also of filming a show about doing business in Cuba. As Marketplace’s Adrienne Hill and show creator Matthew Carnahan explain:

Camera equipment was shipped from Germany because it couldn’t be sent directly from the U.S. Even basic supplies – “there’s not hammers and toilet paper, and things that people need.