U.S. Department of Transportation announces lots and lots of commercial tourist flights to Castro Kingdom

Good morning historic exiles!

Good morning, historic exiles and Cuban dissidents!

Here’s a grapefruit in the face for you.  Enjoy your dess-ah-yoo-noh, or breakfast, or whatever you call it in your stinkin’ Little Havana.

Yeah, well, you knew this was coming.  No surprise here, really.

The Obama steamroller has crushed all opposition to its romancing of the Castro regime, and the final wedge that will break the so-called “embargo” has been driven into place.

Forget “people-to-people” tours on chartered flights.

Americans will soon be able to board flights that take them directly to apartheid tourist resorts.

And they will have 90 flights to choose from every single day.

Oh, yes, at first there will most probably be some pretense that these are still “people-to-people” encounters, but that won’t last for long.

The only real surprise in this news story is that Governor Cuomo of New York did not succeed in gaining his state a place on the list of cities with direct flights to Cuba.

He tried so hard, so, so hard to get the Big Apple on that list during his 24 hours in the Castro Kingdom — even posed for photos in some vintage 50’s cars —  but something didn’t work out.


Ouch! Apparently the guv’nuh doesn’t have the appropriate clout, or the appropriate technique for slipping Ben Franklins under the table to the right people.

Party on, tourists.  Party on!  Come on down, spring break college kids!  Forget Florida, forget Cancun!

Feed the Party your dollars– the Castro Communist Party– while you party in the largest human zoo on earth.

Have fun feeling superior to the noble savages!

And you Cuban “exile” yo-yo’s who live outside of Miami… rejoice, rejoice!  You will soon be able to bring tons of stuff to the Castro Kingdom from other locations.

Superiority complex fulfilled

From Business Insider:

Five American cities will offer direct flights to Cuba

Thus far, the DOT has approved scheduled flights from Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, Ft. Lauderdale, and Minneapolis/ St. Paul.

Frontier Airlines will be responsible for operating flights out of Chicago and Philadelphia. American Airlines will operate flights from Miami while Sun Country will be responsible for flights from Minneapolis/St. Paul.

JetBlue, Silver Airways, and Southwest will all operate flights to Cuba out of Ft. Lauderdale. Thus far, the six airlines have been approved to operate 90 scheduled daily flights to nine Cuban cities including Camagüey, Cayo Coco, Cayo Largo, Cienfuegos, Holguín, Manzanillo, Matanzas, Santa Clara, and Santiago de Cuba.

However, the DOT is not expected to finalize flight allocations to Havana until later this summer.

Over the past couple of years, companies around the country have organized charter flights to Cuba using American, JetBlue, and Sun Country aircraft. According to the DOT, those charter services will continue as before.

The DOT expects most of the airlines to begin scheduled operations to Cuba in the Fall or Winter of 2016.

Entire story HERE.


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  1. Know what the pseudo-mammies are thinking? “Another stupid white jackass who can’t resist fake local color no matter how blatantly cheesy and bogus. Ka-Ching!” Talk about tourist traps.

  2. The outlandish purveyors of crude kitsch are not a “natural” freelance phenomenon; they are actually licensed to, uh, operate as “folk characters” (personajes costumbristas) by the Office of the City Historian, one Eusebio Leal (who’s not a real historian and has no university degree, but makes a damn good apparatchik). In other words, these cheesy clowns are running around because Castro, Inc. finds them desirable or good for business–if it did not, you’d better believe they would NOT be allowed to ply their shtick in prime tourist areas of Havana or feature prominently in literature aimed at the tourist market. The fact this sort of thing is unequivocally 19th century and in rank colonialist taste obviously doesn’t bother anybody–dignity is beside the point.

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