Berta Soler re-arrested today, warns: Castro regime will soon start to kill dissidents

Berta Soler

From Diario de Cuba:

Berta Soler and her husband Angel Moya were arrested again this morning — less than 24 hours after being arrested on Sunday.

In an act of defiance, she and her husband broke camera equipment they themselves had mounted on the second story of the Ladies in White headquarters and then tossed them out onto the street, to prevent State Security from stealing the equipment intact.

The cameras were there to record the repressive actions of Castro State Security agents.

Yesterday, State Security made an attempt to remove that equipment, so their actions could not be recorded.

Soler and Moya, said they’d rather smash their own equipment than have it stolen intact by State Security.

“Preferimos, antes de que se lleven los equipos, que es lo que vienen a robarse, se los lleven rotos”.  (We prefer that they take this equipment away broken, because that’s what they are trying to steal anyway).

Whole story HERE, in Spanish

In additioin, Berta Soler has made a chilling prediction.  Sent via email:

Press Release from The Cuban Democratic Directorate “Directorio”

“There will be a fatality here (Cuba) at any moment, as a result of the repressive violence of the Castro regime.”

A prophetic warning from Havana, Cuba, by Berta Soler, leader of the Ladies in White


“There will be a fatality here (Cuba) at any moment as a result of the repressive violence of the Castro Regime” denounced  today Berta Soler, leader of the Ladies in White referring to the brazen manner in which the State Security political police  is increasing the intensity of violence against the Ladies in White, the “Todos Marchamos” campaign participants, street merchants, in essence,  any Cuban who dares to proclaim a desire for real change in Cuba.

For 59 consecutive Sundays members of  the Ladies in White, Todos Marchamos,  have suffered numerous broken bones, cuts and bruises, concussions, injections of unknown substances, threats of infections, savage bites and other vial acts committed by State Security political police. These acts have been further exacerbated by a continuous pattern of being re-arrested and verbally taunted with threats of being made to “disappear”– threats that are taken very seriously given the history of Cuban resistance leaders that have met with mysterious deaths.

This past Sunday a large operation was mounted by State Security all for the purpose of removing a camera placed on the second floor of the house which serves as headquarters for the Ladies in White. This camera was a means to offer a “connection” to the peaceful demonstrators with the rest of the world. This action is an indication that the regime is gearing up for additional measures which they do not want to risk being documented.

“The regime does not want to liberate political prisoners and is intensifying the violent campaign against TodosMarchamos. The regime will continue repeatedly and brutally arresting us, but we will continue to demand our right to peacefully demonstrate. The regime would like to erase us, however, we will continue with our mission. The Ladies in White was founded to support political prisoners and we will not stop”, stated Berta Soler to the Cuban Democratic Directorate in a telephone interview today.

“The Cuban Democratic Directorate “Directorio” implores the international community to be mindful of the imminent danger faced by Cuban human rights activists, reiterated by Berta Soler’s prophetic warning. We have lost too many Cuban lives during the past six decades, let the Castro Regime know that the world is watching,” said Dr. Orlando Gutierrez-Boronat, co-founder and spokesperson of the Cuban Democratic Directorate.