Miami taxpayer funded Perez Art Museum Miami selling Che Guevara ‘art projects’

Miami is home to the largest group of Cuban exiles in the country. Over the past five decades, millions of Cubans have fled the barbarous Castro dictatorship and its brutally repressive and murderous “revolution” with the majority of them settling in Miami as their new home. Therefore, it is quite understandable that for many of these Cuban exiles — along with their children and grandchildren (myself included) — anything that attempts to glorify or make light of the pure evil that is the Cuban dictatorship or its poster boy Che Guevara is unacceptable. For the same reason no one would glorify Stalin in a Russian-American community of families that fled the USSR or pay tribute to Hitler in a Jewish-American community, no one should find it acceptable to glorify in Miami the Castro regime’s psychopathic mass murderer and “Butcher of La Cabaña,” Che Guevara.

Nevertheless, it came to our attention yesterday that the taxpayer funded Perez Art Museum Miami is selling a Che Guevara “art project” where for your enjoyment, you can assemble a paper bust of the mass murderer to show all your friends.

Cuba Archive president Maria Werlau was visiting the museum yesterday and posted this photo and comments on her Facebook page:

che paper art project at PAMMAt the store at the Perez Art Museum in Miami today, the mass murderer of Cubans, Che Guevara. Art project or insult?


Che Guevara as art project, for sale at the store of the Perez Art Museum in Miami –an insult to his victims, many families of those he had executed live in Miami.

It would be insulting enough for a private museum in Miami to think it was a good idea to glorify a murderous tyrant who ruthlessly executed hundreds of Cubans and played an intrinsic role in destroying the lives of millions of innocent people. However, for a Miami taxpayer-funded organization to do so is not only insulting, but completely unacceptable.

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  1. But of course. The art world, you see, is resolutely leftist, and it just loves being “transgressive.” Radical chic and all that, not to mention épater les bourgeois or, in this case, épater “those people.” Besides, this is hardly a new occurrence in Miami; the Miami Herald and FIU have been doing it for years.

    Also, the Pérez for whom the museum is regrettably named (in exchange for a very hefty, uh, donation) may be technically Cuban, but he’s definitely not one of “those people.” Actually, given his background, he’s much better classified as “Latino.” He also just happens to be a Democrat (surprise!) with significant ties to the Clintons that go back at least to Vil’s presidency, and naturally (or unnaturally) he’s been an Obama backer. In other words, even if PAMM had the minimal grace not to sell Che thingies in its facility (which, by the way, is far nicer as a building than as an art museum), the outfit as a whole would still have, uh, issues.

    It is what it is, and like I always say, shit happens. However, I confess it does help to have reserves of contempt comparable to the oil reserves of Venezuela, which fortunately I do.

  2. Needless to say, one assumes that, in the interest of, you know, diversity, the same museum shop also offers Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon action figures. Or maybe not.

    But do notice that the Che thingie is part of a “culture series,” as it says on the package. This is precisely the kind of “culture” that the “revolution” has always promoted, one way or another, overtly or covertly–and also the only kind it cares about.

  3. But think of the marvellous things your could do with your very own Che paper head model? Several striking performance are pieces suggest themselves… involving burning, exploding, drowning, flushing… the possibilities are endless!

  4. Yes, it’s conceivable there was some sort of mistake, but when the stuff arrived in the store, somebody employed there had to unpack it and put it out on display for potential customers, and the packaging makes it very clear it’s a Che item. Needless to say, the matter should have been taken to the store manager immediately, so at a minimum, the staff dropped the ball–unless, of course, the staff saw absolutely no problem with such an item, which is quite possible.

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