Perez Art Museum Miami pulls offensive Ché Guevara ‘art project’ from gift shop

che paper art project at PAMM

Yesterday we reported how during a visit to the tax-payer funded Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) this past Saturday, Cuba Archive president Maria Werlau came across a Ché Guevara “art project” that allows you to build a paper head of the Argentine mass murderer and notorious Butcher of La Cabaña. Such an insulting product would be inappropriate anywhere in the world. But to feature such a thing in Miami, which is home to the largest population of Cuban exiles and where family members of the victims of Ché’s killing sprees still live, it was downright reprehensible.

As such shocking and outrageous news tends to do, it went viral on the internet and was soon picked up by others who helped spread the news outside of South Florida. Our good friend in Texas Sarah Rumpf even picked up on the news and wrote a piece about it on The Capitolist.

Fortunately, PAMM has appeared to have come to its senses and to the realization that selling such heinous items is perhaps not the best way to show respect for the taxpayers who helped fund their operations. This afternoon, I received the following email from one of their public relations department:

Hello Alberto,

I read your post on Babalú Blog and wanted to let you know that the item in question was introduced into our gift shop’s inventory as part of a broader line of products that utilize imagery of recognizable historical figures. By no means was its specific inclusion meant to serve as a political statement. We appreciate your concern and have decided to discontinue sale of this particular item in the series.

We are all happy to hear that PAMM will no longer be selling an “art project” that glorifies a mass murderer who victimized the very people who live in the same community the museum is located. However, I have not yet figured out how anyone at PAMM could have ever thought that selling an item that lionizes a psychopath who joyously murdered hundreds in the name of politics would not be construed as a “political statement.” I guess we may never know.

Nevertheless, we thank PAMM for listening to its neighbors and doing the right thing.

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  1. In 2004, Miami-Dade County voters approved a bond issue which was intended to help build the new art museum, giving it $100 million with the understanding that the public money was supposed to be matched by private money. The latter turned out to be much harder to raise than originally anticipated, meaning it took much longer than expected, but apparently it was eventually procured. However, when the bond issue was put on the ballot to be voted on in 2004, the wording on the ballot, which is probably all that most voters knew about the matter before approving it, talked about a lot of wonderful-sounding things but did not specify or make clear that a new art museum was part of the bond package or how much money was allocated for that specific item. It could be argued that this was vague but not deliberately deceptive, but it could also be argued that it was, and either way, the wording was clearly questionable. So, years before the Pérez guy came into the picture with his big donation (with strings attached, like putting his name on the place), the whole new-museum business was already dubious, certainly to people who were better informed than the average voter and who didn’t want taxpayer money going to this museum. In other words, generally speaking, we’re not exactly talking trigo limpio here.

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