France’s socialist president spends $11,000 per month on haircuts

Here we go again…

Coiffure socialiste

….Socialists will be socialists, regardless of nationality….

…”What’s good for you is not good enough for me, and what’s good for me is….is…is… ahem… too good for you, scumbag lower class idiots…”

…”and don’t you dare criticize me, you peasants….”

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Why not go for a Peaky Blinders/Kim Jung Un coiffure, monsieur Hollande?

From the New York Daily News:

French President Hollande defends spending $11,000 a month on haircuts

French President François Hollande doesn’t look like a man who spends 10,000 euros ($11,000) a month on his hair.

Yet the deeply unpopular Socialist leader, who was elected on a populist mandate of taxing the super-wealthy, is embroiled in an embarrassing scandal over the exorbitant price of his hair care that detractors have dubbed #Coiffeurgate.

The topic was, well, so topical that he had to address it Thursday in his traditional Bastille Day televised interview — a moment Hollande had hoped to use to show a dignified front ahead of France’s next general election in May.

Hollande defended his spending on the presidential barber, reminding the nation that since being elected in 2012 as a self-styled “Monsieur Normal” and defender of the poor, he has cut his own salary by 30 percent, reduced the Elysee Palace budget by 9 million euros and cut its staff by 10 percent.

“You can reproach me on anything you like, but not on that,” he said, visibly uncomfortable with the subject.

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Tres bien, monsieur president…. Well done!
I bow to you, Hollande…..muy bien echo!

3 thoughts on “France’s socialist president spends $11,000 per month on haircuts”

  1. Well, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, but I’ll bite: it makes zero difference whether this painful schmuck spends 9 euros a month on his hair or 90K, just as it makes zero difference how much Cretina Kirchner spends on clothes, makeup and accessories–he still looks like a schmuck and she still looks like a witch. On one level it’s pathetic, but what it really amounts to is flagrant, extravagant (not to mention delusional) self-indulgence on somebody else’s dime and/or ill-gotten gains. Classic.

  2. Really, if Hollande is prepared to spend that kind of money on his exceedingly ordinary hair, he should get all those moles removed. He could always justify it (like Queen Letizia of Spain’s nose job) as having been done for “health reasons.” And speaking of nose jobs, Depardieu could sure use one. Ugh.

  3. It just occurred to me: Cuba’s despot must spend a pretty penny on the care and maintenance of his liver spots. He sure has enough of them.

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