Another Sunday of political arrests in Cuba as U.S.-backed apartheid regime unleashes wave of violence

todosmarchamos 62

Another Sunday of arrests and violence against Cuba’s peaceful dissidents took place on the island yesterday as State Security agents of the U.S.-backed apartheid Castro dictatorship once again cracked down on the #TodosMarchamos (We All March) human rights campaign. Obama’s Cuba may now be a wonderful vacation spot for American tourists, but it has proven to be more repressive and more violent for the country’s dissidents and human rights activists.

According to Berta Soler, leader of the Ladies in White, a group of female family members of political prisoners who march silently every Sunday to and from church services, very few of the women were able to reach their churches yesterday (via Martí Noticias – my translation):

“We knew we were going to be beaten and arrested because they had the buses they use to take us away ready. But that will not stop us from fighting for our rights and taking to the streets. Since March until now, very few of the Ladies in White have been able to attend church services.”

Yesterday marked the 62nd Sunday march of the TodosMarchamos campaign and each and every one of those marches has been met with extreme brutality and violent arrests by the U.S.-backed Castro regime.

I guess this is the “Hope and Change” Obama promised the Cuban people.

Read the entire report of yesterday’s violent arrests in Cuba (in Spanish) HERE.

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  1. Oh, dear. The bad Negroes are at it again. Such ungrateful nuisances, not to mention such appallingly “low cultural level.” This must be so distressing to dear Cardinal Ortega. Well, maybe they’ll eventually see the light and become good socialist Catholics. Maybe Don Francisco can visit Cuba again soon and hand out hammer-and-sickle crucifixes to drive home the point. But never mind; nobody takes dissidents seriously, least of all outside Cuba. I mean, how could they be legit when they’ve got “free” heath care and education? Like, please.

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