Uh Oh…Obamanoids and Castronoids meeting to discuss “reparations”

From Marti Noticias:

Representatives of the deeply pro-Castro Obama administration will be meeting this thursday and friday with representatives of the Castro regime in Washington D.C. to discuss “mutual compensation issues.”

Yes, “mutual.”

The U.S. and the Castro Kingdom will discuss two issues: American property stolen by the Castro regime and “damages” inflicted on the Castro Kingdom by the U.S. “blockade.”

According to the Castro regime the  U.S. claims amount to 121.192  million dollars, whatever that means.

Who the hell writes millions with decimal points rather than commas?   


If you know how to translate that figure into normal human numbering, please leave a comment. That decimal crap is something this blogger has never, ever seen before in his 65 years on earth. 

Well, when all is said and done, the actual amount really doesn’t matter, for it is the disproportionate gap between the amount owed to Castrogonia and the amount owed to the U.S. that begs the question.

You see, the Castro regime is claiming that it is owed 833.755 million dollars, for “damages” inflicted on it by the U.S. “blockade.”

Yes, you’ve got that right: the Castro regime claims that it is owed roughly SEVEN times more than it owes the U.S.

Even with the goofy decimal point figures, it’s easy enough to do the math and to see that the Castro regime hopes to cash in BIG TIME on the “reparations” issue.

This is typical Castronoid behavior.  We who lived there and fled from those psychopaths who run Cuba know that this is how they operate.

What is really, really frightening about these figures is that the Americans dealing with the representatives of the Cuban psychopaths are all Obamanoids.

What are the odds that the U.S. will come out on the winning side of these “discussions,” given the personnel involved?

It’s safe to assume that the odds in favor of the Castronoids are at the very least SEVEN TRILLION to one.

So, keep your eyes peeled for news stories about huge sums of money being deposited in Castro bank accounts and ZERO dollars being paid for Americans who had their property stolen.

Never mind what was stolen from Cubans.  They don’t count at all in these negotiations. Damn uppity savages.

This is known as “smart diplomacy.”

And get ready for much, much more “smart diplomacy” after Hillary Clinton becomes president of the U.S.

Whole story HERE, in Spanish

Ñooooo! It’s so damn good to have the pope’s blessing!


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  1. No, what was stolen from Cubans does not concern anybody except those who were robbed, and they are extremely unlikely to ever get restitution or compensation, assuming there’s any possibility of that at all. Those who were worse than robbed, including much worse than mere material loss, are probably even less likely to see justice in this thoroughly corrupt world. The Castro people know this perfectly well, just like they know what they’re dealing with in the Obama camp, and they have practically nothing to worry about as far as the outside world goes.

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