Hunger striking Cuban dissident Coco Fariñas hospitalized

He has put his life on the line far too many times, and now it seems he might have gone to far.

Coco Fariñas has lost over twenty pounds in this latest hunger strike of his.  He has lost consciousness, his blood pressure has dropped precipitously, and he has gone into shock.

His previous hunger strikes have seriously compromised his health.

Does the Castro regime care about his health?  Of course not. His death will make the Castronoids very, very happy, and they will gladly ensure that outcome, as happened with hunger striking dissidents Pedro Luis Boitel and  Orlando Zapata Tamayo.

And since all hospitals are run by the Castro regime, it is also highly likely that he will suffer the same fate as other dissidents who have died shortly after being taken to Castronoid hospitals, such as Oswaldo Payá, Harold Cepero, and Laura Pollán.

Pray for Coco.

Some Cuban exiles in Miami have been trying to call attention to this impending murder.

Preaching to the choir in Miami

From In Cuba Today

Cuban dissident hospitalized after eight days on hunger strike

Cuban dissident Guillermo Fariñas, leader of the Antitotalitario Front (Fantu), was taken Thursday to Arnaldo Milian Castro Hospital in the city of Santa Clara after growing extremely weak from a hunger strike that has stretched for eight days.

Cuban activist Jorge Luis Artiles said that shortly after noon, Fariñas lost consciousness and went into a state of shock, fainting and not responding. Fariñas was treated in an observation room at the hospital, where he got an electrocardiogram and had his vital signs checked.

In just over a week, Fariñas has lost about 26 pounds and his blood pressure has dropped significantly. Outside the hospital, where he is now with his mother Alicia Hernández Cabezas, a group of Fantu activists is monitoring the situation.

Fariñas, who is recipient of the European Parliament 2010 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, is protesting the repression, raids and confiscations endured by Cuba’s “non-violent” dissident groups and he is calling for a commitment by the Cuban government to stop those acts.

On Wednesday, the coordinator of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), José Daniel Ferrer, said in Miami that about 280 activists throughout the island had mobilized to support Fariñas and 20 other human rights activists currently on hunger strike in Cuba, incluing Carlos Amel Oliva, youth leader of the UNPACU, who has been on a hunger strike for two weeks. He also reported that during the day about 80 activists were detained but “continued fasting in the police stations.”

Ferrer and other Cuban personalities like Ivan Hernández Carrillo gathered in Miami on Wednesday to support the Cuban strikers. The protesters —about 60 people— rallied and fasted outside the Versailles restaurant in Miami demanding an end to the dictatorship in Cuba.

Accessories to murder

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  1. On top of the uselessness of this kind of move, given that practically nobody cares, is the risk of arousing suspicion that it’s a self-serving publicity stunt, regardless of how unfair that might be. In other words, this is a no-win situation.

  2. Exactly! Nobody cares. If at all they ever think about Fariñas, that is to say if the people who brief Obongo ever mention him [which I doubt they do, but in the eventuality that they do], Obongo, probably thinks, “Oh God, I hope that he dies already!” Nobody is going to rain on the normilizaton circus! They’ve made that clear! That’s why the steady, unswerving drumbeat out of the White House is that things have improved for everyone in Cuba, since Obama totally acquiesced and capitulated to the castros.

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