Cubanization of Caracastan update: Maduro copies Castro slave labor plan

Pa’l campo, cabrones ingratos! (To the fields, ungrateful bastards)

Poor Nicolas Maduro.

All of those evil Venezuelan business people and the super-evil Americans have forced him to adopt the Castro plan for harvests.

Yes, that plan.  Remember?

In case you don’t, here’s the scoop: for many, many years the Castro regime forced Cubans to do “volunteer” agricultural labor without pay.

I remember receiving a letter from my father — who was already dealing with heart disease — in which he told me that he was being forced to cut sugar cane.  The Castro regime didn’t care that he was ill. Off to the fields you go, you worm.

Then there’s the ancient Castronoid custom of sending children to do “volunteer” labor during their summer vacation.  Of course, it’s justified: how else can they thank the benevolent Revolution for their “free” education?

And who could ever forget the UMAP forced labor concentration camps?

Now that the Bolivarian Revolution is imploding in Venezuela, dictator Nicolas Maduro has issued a decree that copies the Castro system.  The only visible difference is that Maduro seems to be avoiding the use of the term “volunteer” for his forced labor scheme.

Yeah.  And Amnesty International is very upset about it.

Castro playbook, chapter 9374652.93

From UPI:

Amnesty International criticizes Venezuela’s ‘forced labor’ decree

Amnesty International has slammed a recent “forced labor” decree by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro that could draft public and private workers to increase food production.

At the end of last week, Maduro signed a decree that would give Venezuela’s Ministry of Popular Power for Social Process of Work the ability to order any Venezuelan with the physical or technical capabilities to join a government effort to work in the agriculture sector for up to 120 days.

Venezuela is facing a deepening economic crisis in which basic goods, such as food, medicines and toiletries, are in short supply. Tens of thousands have traveled outside the country, mainly to Colombia, to restock supplies as store shelves and kitchen cupboards are nearly empty. Venezuela’s farming association in June said only 25 percent of the country’s agricultural land is being used to farm.

Amnesty International criticized the decree as “unlawful and effectively amounts to forced labor.”

“Trying to tackle Venezuela’s severe food shortages by forcing people to work the fields is like trying to fix a broken leg with a band aid,” Erika Guevara Rosas, Amnesty International’s Americas director, said in a statement released Thursday. “The new decree completely misses the point when it comes to findings ways for Venezuela to crawl out of the deep crisis it has been submerged in for years.”

Maduro, who is facing efforts by the Venezuelan opposition to oust him, has blamed the country’s financial woes on a U.S.-backed “economic war” carried out by political enemies and corporations. To combat the alleged “economic war,” Maduro has taken steps including ordering the military to take control of five ports as part of “war strategies” to provide food and medicine.

“Authorities in Venezuela must focus on requesting and getting much needed humanitarian aid to the millions in need across the country and develop a workable long term plan to tackle the crisis,” Guevara Rosas added.

Maduro and his boss do a semi-Obama hand-on-arm salute


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  1. By now, Maduro has sunk so low that he can hardly look any worse, so he’s got no face or reputation left to lose. No doubt he’s got plenty of money stashed away abroad, and if he has to flee the country, Cuba will always take him. After all, he’s done much more for Castro, Inc. than the Chesimard woman ever did, and look how long they’ve hosted and protected her.

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