1 thought on “Quote of the day – Why do we have to wait for Cuba’s king to die?”

  1. Cuba has no king, just as it has no four-star general–it has a vulgar usurper. I get Rosa María’s point, but at least a true king would have a certain legitimacy, and the Castro brothers weren’t even legitimate at birth, let alone as “presidents.” In other words, they are glorified crime bosses imposed upon the Cuban people by force and fear, now more than ever, and those who can get out from under them simply want to move elsewhere to have a tolerably normal life. Of course, the foreign enablers and apologists of Castro, Inc. won’t listen to someone like Miss Payá, even though she’s the voice of reason and hardly a radical incendiary counter-revolutionary–if she were, she wouldn’t just be ignored; she’d be condemned as dangerously extremist and/or filled with “hate fantasies.” The game, as always, is thoroughly rigged.

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