Shocking! Castro, Inc. hands over Havana airport to France

bienvenue au paradis apartheid / welcome to apartheid paradise
bienvenue au paradis apartheid / welcome to apartheid paradise

No, this is not a joke.

The Castro regime has given control of Havana’s airport to a government-run French firm, so, in essence, it has just placed the airport in the hands of the French government.

You can rest assured that this won’t be viewed as a surrender of sovereignty by Castro, Inc., but rather as a sweet deal that will result in more income.

As usual, the military junta that runs the country has admitted that it can’t really do anything, and that its enslaved people are worthless and inconsequential.

Castrogonia builds nothing, manufactures nothing but cigars (for foreign consumption), imports most of its food, and depends on money flowing in from abroad for its survival (tourism and remittances from Cuban “exile” yo-yo’s).

Everything new is built by foreigners and run by foreigners for the foreigners who visit the island or trade with it.

The new Mariel port, the hotels, now the biggest airport on the island slave plantation.   All foreign.  All designed to keep apartheid in place.

Santé, esclaves! Vive l’apartheid!

From Granma Lite (AP) via the Washington Post:

French will renovate and operate Havana airport

More than 2 million tourists have visited Cuba this year, state media said Wednesday, putting the country on track for a record number of visitors bringing badly needed cash to an economy facing a sharp reduction in subsidized oil from its chief ally, Venezuela.

Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero said visitor numbers were running 12 percent ahead of those last year, which already saw a record number of tourists. The surge is credited to a wave of international interest in Cuba prompted by the announcement of U.S.-Cuba detente in Dec. 2014. Visitor numbers are expected to get a major boost after commercial flights from the United States begin this month.

The rise in tourism has strained Cuba’s infrastructure, filling hotels to capacity and creating long waits at Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport. The government announced Wednesday that Aeroports de Paris, the French government-controlled firm that runs Charles de Gaulle, Orly and other Paris airports, would receive a concession to operate Jose Marti, which would be renovated by the French firm Bouygues.

The announcement contained no details but updating the airport to receive hundreds of thousands more tourists a year will almost certainly become of the most important infrastructure projects in Cuba, and the largest French-Cuban deal since President Francois Hollande visited the island in May 2015.

A spokesman for Aeroports de Paris declined immediate comment.

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l’aéroport est à moi… merci, Raul…Vive le socialisme!
De nada, Holandito…De rien…pas de quoi…now fork over the money


3 thoughts on “Shocking! Castro, Inc. hands over Havana airport to France”

  1. Well, maybe the French can spruce up the place a bit and remove some of that ghastly third-world shithole look evident in the photo. Mon Dieu, quelle merde.

  2. I concur with Asombra, hopefully the French can spruce it up a bit. That said, alas, Cuba is being parceled out to the world. The integrity of the country is completely broken as ownership of the entire island is divided between the one oligarchal family and Europeans. We’ve gone from being a flawed, but prosperous country where the Cubans owned aproximately 90% of the island [the other 10% was in American and European hands; it should be noted that the US has are more slanted ratio of foreigner ownership with a greater percentage of foreign ownership than Cuban had] to a country that has more in common with one of those black caribbean islands that were owned by absentee landlords.

    Ironically, we’ve become what castro said that we were in the 1950’s: a third-word stinkhole with little hapless natives running around.

  3. Castro, Inc. is both incapable of and uninterested in producing anything useful to Cubans or providing what they want and need. However, it does not have to and is not expected to–least of all by Cubans on the island. They have been trained since birth to accept the status quo as inevitable and unassailable, at least as long as they remain in Cuba, and they have also been trained to embrace parasitism as a way of life. This makes perfect sense, after a fashion, since the Castro regime has always been a parasite and has always lived off external sources: the Soviets, Venezuela, Cubans abroad and foreign tourists. What the dictatorship sucks off these teats is intended and used for feeding and promoting the regime, and if the people have no bread, or no whatever, let them get it from outsiders such as tourists or, much more importantly, the so-called “diaspora” community. This racket may be cynical, sordid and utterly disreputable, but as long as it works like it has so far, the regime has zero incentive to change its ways. As far as it’s concerned, if its MO works, why mess with success?

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