The Cubanization of Venezuela: Venezuelans in exile now sending medicine and medical supplies to Venezuela

Hugo Chavez may have dubbed it “21st Century Socialism,” but the misery, poverty, and suffering exposes it for what it truly is: Cuba’s “20th Century Communism.”

Ysol Delgado in PanAm Post:

Venezuelans in the US Send Medical Care Packages to Struggling Families

Venezuelans in Miami Hope to Alleviate Some Medical Shortage in Their Home Country

venezuela miami

Many citizens in the United States are sympathizing with the economic and social crisis taking place in Venezuela, and have reportedly decided to send care packages to those in need.

Florida residents have reportedly sent basic drugs to Venezuela after news spread of eight-year-old Oliver Sanchez, who passed away two months ago without the medication he needed to fight Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Months before that, 14-year-old Maikel Mancilla Peña died after going into five consecutive days of convulsions without proper medication.

“No words can explain the pain you feel as a mother when there is no medicine for your daughter,” said Cristina Nogueira, whose eight-year-old daughter Camila Alzate suffers from Dravety syndrome that causes recurrent seizures.

The drug shortage, which has been estimated at 85 percent, has affected their family as well.

” She will have to go into an induced coma so her brain does not end up affected,” Nogueira said, adding, “here (in Venezuela) there is nothing.”

The community of Venezuelans in the state of Florida, moved in solidarity by this crisis, have begun sending medicine to those suffering the worst.

José Ron, President of “Ron Logistics,” helped organize the effort so the drugs could be sent free of cost.

“We ship directly to consumers,” he said. “If someone is here and wants to send a drug to Venezuela to a family member or friend.”

He also added they help patients who need chemotherapy or medicines to control blood sugar, blood pressure, thyroid and other problems.

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