Quotes of the day: Fidel praises himself, Putin wishes him longevity

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From the New York Daily News

Fidel celebrated his birthday today by thanking the Cuban people for the love and devotion they have shown to him for the past fifty-seven years and eight months.

Yes, he did.  Really.

He also thanked his doctors, and, as usual, praised his own colossal intellect by saying:  “Modern medical techniques have allowed me to scrutinize the universe,”

Yes, scrutinize the universe.  Indeed.

Meanwhile, he received warm birthday greetings from Russian alpha dog Vladimir Putin:

“You enjoy deep respect in Russia as an outstanding statesman who devoted his entire life to serving the people of Cuba,” Putin said in a statement on the Kremlin website.

“It is hard to overestimate your personal contribution to the development of friendship and cooperation between our countries. I wish you good health, longevity, vitality and prosperity.”

Wow… more HERE

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2 thoughts on “Quotes of the day: Fidel praises himself, Putin wishes him longevity”

  1. “Modern medical techniques have allowed me to scrutinize the universe.”


    “The timely recourse to foreign medical expertise (I’m not a chump like Chávez was) saved my ass so I could keep dumping my verborrhea on the world–which has always eaten my shit up, so it’s not like I’m imposing. Besides, if I can’t indulge my monumental vanity in my dotage, there’s not much point in surviving this long, now is there?”

  2. This is hardly news, but Russians stink on ice, and Putin is just a representative sample. Even apart from their considerable responsibility for Cuba being where and how it is, they’re responsible for incalculable crimes affecting countless people all over the world, yet for all practical purposes, they have shown neither shame nor remorse, let alone any intention to make restitution. In other words, they are effectively pieces of shit–and accepting Putin, a KGB product, as head of state confirms it. Lord, the disgust.

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