Annals of socialism, chapter 23,975,843: scarcity extends to the grave in Caracastan

Venezuelans assemble bio-coffin

In Venezuela, it can cost more to die than to remain alive.

Runaway inflation has made funerals unaffordable.  The cheapest possible funeral used to cost 4,500 Bolivars (6.76 US dollars), but  now costs 280,000 Bolivars (428 US dollars).

The  Average Monthly Disposable Salary in Venezuela is around 30 US dollars.

With murder rates soaring — one of the highest in the world —  90 murders for every 100.000 Venezuelans, and a homicide total of  28.875 in 2015, and with severe shortages of all the materials with which coffins are manufactured, many Venezuelans can’t afford to bury their dead or find coffins in which to bury them.

One solution to this crisis could be the “bio-coffin,” soon to be available.  Made out of recycled cardboard, the bio-coffin is cheap and environmentally sound.

Of course, the success of this solution depends on the availability of recycled cardboard, which, like everything else in the socialist paradise, could suddenly become a rare commodity.

Long live the Bolivarian Revolution… and happy birthday, Fidel….

Go HERE for more details in Spanish (ABC Spain).

Bolivarian bio-coffin



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  1. Oh, but these coffins are so natural and eco-friendly and everything. Bernie Sanders would just love them, as I expect Jimmy Carter would–for lower life forms like Venezuelans, naturally. Oh, and remember, Venezuela is still a VERY rich country, so it’s all good. Hasta la victoria siempre! Or something.

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