Castro State Security isolates Fariñas, takes over his cell phone

BREAKING NEWS from Cuba emailed by Martha Beatriz Roque
 Yesterday at noon State Security agents cut off service to Guillermo Fariñas and all who call his number are re-routed to State Security, where someone who pretends to be a dissident disseminates misinformation about Fariñas, saying that he has broken his hunger strike and is drinking juice and chicken broth. Whoever this is also says that he was weighed by a doctor and has gained one pound.

The real situation is that Fariñas has been isolated, cut off from the outside world.

Berta Soler and two other Ladies in White –María *Cristina Labrada y *Ariuska Gómez– tried to travel to Santa Clara to visit Fariñas, but all three were arrested and taken back to their homes.

Martha Beatriz Roque