Evo Morales enthusiastic about Moringa pills given to him by Fidel Castro

Evo at Fidel’s lair

“It’s such an important nutrient.  Fidel now sends me Moringa pills,” said Evo Morales, president of Bolivia.

Evo just visited Fidel, to help him extend his 90th birthday celebrations.

El coma-andante Fidel has been promoting the cultivation of the Moringa plant for years, promoting it as a “miraculous tree” and urging its cultivation.

Moringa: the cure for everything, including original sin


Fidel’s little brother, King Raul, has ignored Moringa and chosen instead to cultivate the Obama tree, with spectacular results.
In the meantime, back in Bolivia, Evo Morales is taking his Moringa pills, feeling great, while his nation slides into the same black hole as all other Latrine Castronoid experiments in socialist utopianism.
“Fidel doesn’t talk to me about education and health nowadays, ” said Evo, “he is very worried about feeding the world.”
Cuban meat supply: very safe and plentiful
Yeah.  He is very, very worried.  Just take a look at the food rationing that has been in place in Cuba since he took over.
Sad. Very sad.  Saddest of all: it seems to be an irreversible trend, this blindness to the obvious.
Read report here in Spanish from Marti Noticias.
Forget Moringa! This is the real deal….

3 thoughts on “Evo Morales enthusiastic about Moringa pills given to him by Fidel Castro”

  1. Evo, of course, is a mental pygmy who discredits anyone who’s OK with him as president, but then again, what about the people of the first country in the world who were more than OK with Obama as their president, twice? Who’s more inexcusably irrational, not to say contemptible? Lord have mercy.

  2. Do note, if you can bear it, the aptly monstrous decor, especially the pièce de résistance, that ghastly lightbox thing with those hideously tacky flowers. Sheesh.

    Oh, and note the glass of milk: Nosferatu gets it; Cuban kids don’t.

  3. Caption for the photo:

    Fifo: “Dalia, y este indio que hace aquí?”

    Evo: “Fidel, es Evo, el de Bolivia.”

    Fifo: “Bolivia? Qué carajo hace un indio de Bolivia en mi casa? Dalia, llama a la guardia!”

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