Cuba’s U.S.-backed apartheid dictatorship violently arrests dozens of peaceful dissidents in another Sunday of repression

The U.S.-backed apartheid dictatorship of the Castro family in Cuba unleashed another wave of violent repression on the island yesterday when peaceful dissidents attempted the 67th Sunday of protest marches in the TodosMarchamos (we all march) campaign. More than three dozen dissidents were viciously beaten and arrested by State Security agents as they tried to march and make their way to church services.

Diario de Cuba has the report (my translation):

Dozens of Ladies in White and activists arrested before initiating #TodosMarchamos march

todosmarchamos 67 2016-08-21

Since Thursday, government forces began deploying a massive operation against the headquarters of the Ladies in White in Havana, which intensified Sunday and ended the day with denying the 67th march of #TodosMarchamos.

Besides the leader Berta Soler and former political prisoner Angel Moya, only seven women and one activist were able to reach the headquarters in Lawton, said Ramona Luisa Toscano to DIARIO DE CUBA.

Five Ladies in White and two men finally attempted to leave the house but were violently arrested.

“The repression was strong, they came down on them with blows. It was full of people here,” said Toscano, referring to the mobs that gather every Sunday to carry out acts of repudiation. They were joined by police and State Security agents, although the number of assembled dissidents were few.

So far, according to statements by Ladies in White who remained behind to watch over the headquarters in Havana, 25 women were arrested, “some of them as they came out of their homes and another at the corner of the house in Lawton.”

“No one was able to reach Miramar,” said Toscano.

Meanwhile, the independent unionist Ivan Hernandez Carrillo said through his Twitter account that in the province of Matanzas, more than a dozen Ladies in White were arrested to keep them from attending regular Sunday mass.

In Jovellanos, Sissy Abascal and Annia Zamora were released after being detained for 4 hours in a patrol car. Similarly, in Colon, Caridad Burunate, Maira Garcia, Yenisleydis Millo, Maritza Acosta, and Asuncion Carrillo were prevented from reaching the church .

The website ReportaCuba reported intense police surveillance deployed since Thursday against independent journalists Lazaro Yuri Valle Roca and Eralidis Frómeta, who made public the images and uniformed patrols around their homes.