Another Sunday of repression in Cuba: U.S.-backed regime viciously beats and drags Ladies in White through the streets


It was another violent and repressive Sunday in Cuba as State Security agents of the U.S.-backed apartheid Castro dictatorship viciously beat defenseless Ladies in White and dragged them through the streets. The women were arrested to prevent them from participating in their weekly Sunday march to church services where they peacefully and silently protest the Cuban regime and demand the release of political prisoners.

Diario de Cuba has the report (my translation):

Regime State Security agents drag and beat four Ladies in White outside the group’s headquarters

Activist Daisy Artiles del Sol reported to DIARIO DE CUBA that this Sunday, State Security agents of the regime dragged and beat four Ladies in White outside the headquarters of the all-woman movement in Havana.

Few of them were able to reach the headquarters where since Wednesday, State Security had set up a massive operation to prevent them from participating in the #TodosMarchamos (We All March) campaign.

“I arrived at 1:20 PM on Wednesday and right after that, they closed everything down,” said Artiles.

The agents “do a shift change every eight or nine hours, they’re on every corner. People who live on the block are required to show identification, they are searched, vehicles are forced to detour,” she added.

Artiles said that in spite of their reduced numbers, the Ladies in White took to the streets like they do every Sunday.

“Four or five policemen dragged through the streets and beat them,” she said.

Those arrested were Aliuska Gómez, Lismeyris Quintana, Danaisi Muñoz, and Mailén González.

She added that other women were arrested trying to reach the headquarters or as they left their own homes.

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