Is opposition to the Normalization Circus still strong in Washington D.C. ?


Fortunately, it seems that there is still some opposition to the Normalization Circus in congress.

But how strong is that opposition?

It’s hard to tell, principally because opponents of the Circus get far less coverage than its promoters.

Here is an article that hints at a looming congressional battle over Cuba policy.

Is it really accurate?

Sleazebags aboard first Jet Blue flight to Castrogonia

From The Hill

Air travel to Cuba divides Congress

Commercial flights to Cuba resumed for the first time in 50 years this week, but don’t expect a flood of legislative changes to follow.

Proponents of further loosening travel restrictions on Cuba had hoped that the resumption of air service with the country would give them new momentum.

In the Senate, appropriators have already approved an amendment that would lift the tourism ban with Cuba, while similar legislation has garnered over 50 cosponsors.

But over in the House, advocates still face fierce opposition from the majority on the Homeland Security Committee, which is pushing a bill that would ground flights to Cuba until a thorough airport security review is conducted.

“Despite continued concerns about the safety and security of Cuba’s airports, the Administration rushed resuming regularly scheduled commercial flights to Cuba — again putting security concerns far behind the President’s legacy building effort,” Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, told The Hill in a statement.

Rep. Michael McCaul

“Once Congress is back in session, I plan to move legislation through my Homeland Security Committee to force DHS and GAO to both identify and close any and all of the major security gaps that currently exist.”

Critics of travel to Cuba say they don’t plan to back down just because flights to the island are underway.

The stalemate is unlikely to yield any legislative changes this year on travel to Cuba, an issue that has divided lawmakers for more than five decades.

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  1. And the passengers all look so…normal. Of course, so do psychopaths, but never mind. They look so happy, too. Well, playing along with Castro, Inc. and its enablers is always cause for celebration, isn’t it? Maybe they can trade little Cuban flags with the old farts in military costume that wave them in regime parades on the island. No tienen ni dos dedos de frente. Vamos bien.

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