Another Sunday of violent repression in Cuba as U.S.-backed Castro dictatorship arrests dissidents again

While JetBlue celebrates its new flights to Obama’s Cuba with a Che Guevara cake, yesterday was yet another Sunday of violent repression and arrests of peaceful human rights and democracy activists on the island.

¡Gracias, Obama!

Diario de Cuba has the report (my translation):

Regime carries out operation against the Ladies in White and arrests nine activists from #TodosMarchamos

todosmarchamos 69 2016-09-04
State Security agents near Ladies in White headquarters.

Activist Ailer Gonzalez informs DIARIO DE CUBA that several activists from the #TodosMarchamos (we all march) campaign and the Forum for Rights and Liberties (ForoDyL) were arrested this Sunday as they came out of the headquarters of the Ladies in White.

Among those arrested were six Ladies in White – the only ones who were successful in reaching the headquarters to participate in the Sunday march – and three male activists, said Gonzalez. Either way, she added, the final number of those arrested could increase since there were activists arrested in their attempts to reach the opposition group headquarters.

Throughout the day, activist Angel Moya warned via his Twitter feed that a police operation had surrounded the Ladies in White headquarters. Ailer Gonzalez added that the operation had begun on Wednesday and remained active since then.

“They have been confined in the home since Wednesday, surrounded by the police operation,” said the activist. Despite this, the activists took to the streets and were arrested.

Once they left the house, the same dynamic “of violence and screaming” by a mob that State Security was providing with alcoholic beverages repeated itself, denounced Gonzalez.

Continue reading (in Spanish) HERE.

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  1. It’s painfully clear that the world simply does not care about this weekly abuse, which has been reduced in its eyes to meaningless background noise. With all due respect to the ladies involved, I think Cuban dissidents in general should try to find a different and more effective approach. Even in Venezuela, where popular opposition to the government has been far more dramatic, the world is still unwilling to say Basta and act accordingly, and the reason is pretty much the same–the bad guys are leftists. One thing’s for sure: legitimizing and effectively collaborating with the Castro regime, as the Obama administration and the Vatican have done, is monstrously perverse.

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