Obama’s Cuba policy of embracing apartheid dictatorship and abandoning dissidents adds insult to injury

We have apparently gotten to the point now where Obama is not even trying anymore to fool us into thinking his policy was designed to help the Cuban people.

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Obama Adds Insult to the Injury of His Cuba Policy

farinas hospital

It is the 47th day of Cuban democracy leader Guillermo Fariñas’ hunger strike.

This afternoon, he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. (See image below.)

Fariñas, a renowned Sakharov Prize recipient, is sacrificing his life for the rights and freedom of all Cubans — an act of extraordinary courage and selflessness.

He is also a vocal critic of President Obama’s policy of unconditional business and concessions to Castro’s dictatorship, which he considers a “betrayal of Cuba’s dissidents.”

So leave it to the Obama Administration to add insult to injury.

Last week, The White House put its spin machine in full-gear propagandizing JetBlue’s commercial flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Santa Clara, Cuba.

It was all fun and games — salsa, maracas and yes, even a Che cake.

Santa Clara is a small city in central Cuba. It has a population of 250,000.

One of those residents is the languishing Guillermo Fariñas.

Yet, not a word from The White House on Guillermo Fariñas.

None of the senior Obama Administration officials on the JetBlue flight to Santa Clara could spare a minute to visit with Fariñas at his home.

None of the journalists on the flight, or the foreign correspondents that spent hours on the hot tarmac at Santa Clara airport, could spare a minute to visit with Fariñas at his home.

Instead, they chose to forsake Fariñas. All for the sake of Obama’s hollow legacy.

As civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr., wisely said, “in the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”