Shocking! Leftist British newspaper focuses on Havana’s squalor, lays blame on…. (guess what?)

blame this on the “blockade”

The leftist British newspaper The Guardian has published an article that focuses on the awful conditions created by the Castro regime….

…Sort of…

It’s a long article. If you read the first few paragraphs — excerpted below — you might be led to think that The Guardian has had some sort of conversion experience and abandoned its leftist principles.

But…no… if you read beyond the segment below, you will find The Guardian deflecting blame from the Castro regime for all of the squalor and indifference.

So, according to this article, what is the real cause of Havana’s ruin?

The “blockade,” of course, as well as the wonderful way in which Cuba’s  meager resources (made meager by the “blockade”) are used for “phenomenal” free education and free medical care.

Then Cubans are to blame too: those ungrateful selfish wretches who fail to develop the proper revolutionary spirit despite their benevolent government’s best efforts to create “new” men and women.

And then there is the additional problem of growing class differences.  Money has corrupted the Revolution: “As more foreign money enters Havana, it seems individualism and the gap between rich and poor will only increase.”

Yes, and all those “self-employed” semi-capitalist Cubans are only making things worse, creating class differences, draining resources from the folks in the poorer sections of town, which grow increasingly poorer.

And, on top of these lame excuses, The Guardian also wants to claim that there is a growing openness to kvetching, or complaining…thanks to King Raul’s meekness and the wisdom of the Great and Wonderful Obama.

As usual, socialists will always blame the infinite failures of socialism and communism on factors other than their abysmally wrongheaded, repressive, and destructive ideology.

So predictable…

And this too….

Havana’s dirty truths: rubbish-strewn streets spark anger at city’s failings

Amid all the stories of Cuba’s new prosperity, residents of its capital are growing frustrated by the daily reality of uncollected rubbish, overflowing sewage and water leaks – and asking: ‘Why did Havana become like this?’

On a street corner in Vedado, Havana’s most affluent suburb, pedestrians have had to manoeuvre around a metre-wide hole in the pavement on Calle 10 for months. Smashed concrete spills on to the road, encircling what has since turned into a pit of rubbish – a pockmark on the face of Havana’s fading grandeur.

This is, according to residents, “the way things are” in the Cuban capital. As the city, its people and its architecture has aged, so too have its public services. While on the face of it, the city is getting a new lift through the easing of Cuban-US relations, municipal support structures are failing badly in many parts of the city. As residents get tired of these inefficiencies, they’re expressing their anger – and pointing to the breakdown of Cuban socialism.

… as well as this…

“When Obama came [in March] they cleaned the whole street; they put the beggars and homeless in a special asylum,” says Hamlet Lavastida, a 33-year-old artist who lives in Havana. “They made new roads, they painted many buildings, just in the areas where Obama was going to be. People joked that now we’re going to have to wait another 50 years for the next US president to come, to make another new road …”

These may just be lighthearted jokes for now, but Lavastida suggests there is a growing discontent among Cubans about the state of public services: the dirty streets, the broken infrastructure.

“Sometimes the telephone company – of course, controlled by the state – dig a hole to put in the wires and cables of the telephone, but they never cover the hole. They leave it like that for months,” he says.

…and this…

Water leaks flow regularly across the streets of Havana’s barrios without being fixed. Waste can overflow public bins for weeks, with residents having no idea when it will be collected. When referring to the lack of cohesion between the various government-run, centralised organisations – the communications company, the water company, the rubbish collectors (communales”) – Lavastida uses the word “anarchy”.

Walking through the city centre with three writers from Havana Times – an English-language blog that describes itself as “open-minded writing from Cuba” – the conversation quickly turns to Havana’s streets. “We have serious environmental problems in the city. Problems with garbage collection, sewage overflowing pits, air pollution,” they say.

Continue reading HERE for the heavy handed anti-American pro-Castro propaganda

…and this…


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  1. Such willful blindness is not just predictable; it’s pathetic, or rather, contemptible. It’s what the inadequate, incompetent and/or fraudulent typically do to delude themselves into having self-esteem and/or to protect their position. It may be human nature, but it’s definitely miseria humana. The likes of the Guardian and the New York Times cannot come clean on the “revolution” because they’re much too vested in it, and facing the truth would require effectively admitting they were at best gullible fools and have no credibility. Needless to say, that’s not going to happen. However, one wonders what the Guardian blames for, say, Venezuela’s meltdown. Global warming? Bad luck? Alien beings? Lord have mercy.

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