Canadian tourist assaulted & robbed at apartheid beach resort, charged $3,000 for 4 stitches, threatened with imprisonment

Revolutionary stitching: scarred for life
Revolutionary stitching: scarred for life

Canadian tourist Paul Sampalean was robbed in more ways than one during his most recent trip to the Castro Kingdom.

And who was the worst thief: the guy who split his head open and stole his wallet or Castrogonia’s “wonderful” health care system?

You decide…

But do notice, please, as you read the story below, that the Castro police tried to make it look as if he had been attacked on the street rather than at an apartheid resort.

Now let’s wait for the other shoe to drop: Varadero police will surely find some dissidents to blame for the assault and robbery.

Scene of the crime: Sol Sirenas Coral 4-star apartheid resort, Varadero

From The Toronto Sun:

A violent robbery at a Cuban resort ended Paul Sampalean’s dream vacation before it even started.

The 33-year-old construction worker also had to pay a $3,000 hospital bill before he could return to Toronto with a nasty gash on his head.

“He’s scarred for life,” Antonia Sampalean told the Toronto Sun on Friday — hours before her brother was expected to arrive back in the city.

She said the Toronto resident enjoyed his first visit to Cuba last year and decided to return to the popular vacation destination for Canadians.

“Obviously he won’t be going back there — ever again,” Antonia said.

Paul Sampalean landed in the communist country on Sept. 2 to learn his luggage was lost.

“Air Transit told him to go wait in the lobby of his hotel and his luggage would be dropped off,” Antonia said, recalling her brother’s version of events.

She said Paul remembers chatting with locals in the lobby of Sol Sirenas Coral, a four-star all-inclusive resort in Veradero.

“The locals tried to grab his wallet,” Antonia said. “There were three of them and he was alone, but he fought back.

“I wish he would have given them his wallet, but he’s not like that,” she said, adding her brother is about 5-foot-8 and 135 pounds.

Paul was knocked unconscious, but witnesses later helped him piece together some of the ordeal.

“Hotel security staff intervened,” Antonia said, adding the crooks took off with the $100 or so Paul had in his wallet.

She said her brother thinks he may have fallen and hit his head. His forehead was split open.

He was taken by ambulance to the hospital where medical personnel used a mere four stitches to close his 13-centimetre cut. Antonia said her brother is unsure what other tests were conducted during his two-day stay.


“But the hospital issued him a $3,000 dollar bill and threatened he’d be sent to jail if he refused to pay,” she alleged.

Her brother also told her that the initial police report allegedly stated he was “found wandering in the streets of Varadero.

But Paul alleges that report mysteriously disappeared after four witnesses provided statements noting “the ambulance was called directly to the hotel,” she said.

After the attack, Antonia said her brother was uncomfortable having a large amount of cash on him, so she sought help from Global Affairs Canada.

Antonia sent used her credit card to send the government agency $3,100, which included a $75 special consular fee. The money was forwarded to consular officials in Cuba who then paid the hospital bill.

Paul’s luggage finally arrived at the resort four days after the robbery.

Air Transat, Global Affairs Canada and the Cuba Tourist Board in Toronto never responded to the Sun’s request for comment.

That’ll be $3,000, please, or you go to jail

2 thoughts on “Canadian tourist assaulted & robbed at apartheid beach resort, charged $3,000 for 4 stitches, threatened with imprisonment”

  1. Oh, poor baby… He fought to retain his wallet. Yet, he had no problem going to Castrolandia to finance the use of stolen property and help support a slavish regime that has ransacked an entire population into ruins. Was this assault before he was able to buy his Che merchandise?

    If only all these scumbags got a blow to the head, a kick in the ass, and a good insult the pedophile fest and immoral human circus would be over in a month.

  2. A homeless indigent alcoholic brought to practically any ER in this country with a busted head would get a considerably better result for free than what this Canadian got for over 3K. Was he screwed over? You bet. Did he deserve it? Absolutely. Will it make any difference to Canadians in general? NO. And that’s why Castro, Inc. will pull this kind of shit–because it knows it can get away with it.

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